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Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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think you could do better?
Anyone can hit a ball. That's not golf.
And what's golf?
Golf is accuracy.
Well, why don't we play a few holes and
see which one of us is more accurate?
Fighting talk.
- You're kidding, right?
- Three holes. No handicap.
We play for bragging rights.
What are we waiting for?
Ana, let's just get to their camp.
It was an accident. They'll understand.
They'll understand?
I killed one of them.
Those two move, shout.
Wait. What are you doing?
Untie me.
- I'm not...
- Untie me!
What are you doing?
I'm taking him back to his camp.
Don't leave.
If that were you, he'd let you die.
I am not doing it for him.
I am doing it for me.
1-Adam-7, assault with a deadly weapon
convenience store on Alvarado and
Reservoir. Please respond, code three.
So, that shrink give you any good drugs?
Not that kind of shrink.
- Did you miss me?
- Boy, did l.
I heard about you and Danny.
Want me to go kick his ass for you?
Nah, it's better this way.
What are we doing in Westwood?
Thought a change of scenery
would be nice.
Nice, safe neighbourhood
for your first day back.
- This was her idea, wasn't it?
- She is the captain.
8-Adam-9. Please respond to a domestic
disturbance call, 2210 south Veteran.
This is 8-Adam-1 6.
- That's not our call.
- Go ahead.
We're just three blocks away
from that call on Veteran. We got it.
Copy that, 8-Adam- 16.
Where are you going?
What are you doing?
Not the TV, Travis! The TV is mine!
You bring that back!
- I bought it with my money!
- Liar!
- Did you call the cops?
- What?
Do something useful, Shawna, shut up!
- Arrest him! He's stealing my TV!
- She hit me! She hit me!
- Hey! Enough! Both of you.
- Shut that kid up!
What are you gonna do? Hit me again?
Hit the baby?
Shut that kid up!
- Both of you!
- Put your hands where I can see them!
- Get down on the ground!
- All right.
- Officer Cortez!
- Ma'am, get your baby upstairs.
- Ana Lucia!
- Hands on the ground!
Ana Lucia!
- It's all right! OK, OK!
- He is down.
- I'm down! I'm down!
- Holster your weapon.
- I think you should let him go.
- No.
- He's gonna come after me.
- You don't know that.
I killed someone he loves.
Sit down. Now.
I'm bringing him water.
You wanna shoot me? Shoot me.
Don't even think of untying him.
Who is that woman?
Her name is Ana Lucia.
She was on the plane. Tail section.
They all were.
- We were bringing them back.
- Where is Walt?
They took him.
The Others.
- What do you mean they took him?
- From the raft. The night we left.
Hey, man...
Hey, we're gonna get out of this, man.
- Guess you're first.
- Lucky me.
The ladies' tee at my club back home
is ten feet closer...
Shut up, Jack.
You're up.
You really put it in there.
We have more balls.
You can take a drop.
I'm good.
Got it.
You may wanna move.
Where is the doctor?
I got him. I got him.
- Where we headed?
- Bathroom.
He's burning up. We've gotta get him in
the shower and bring this fever down.
What can I do?
OK, go through the medical stash,
there's a bottle of ofloxacin.
- Ofloxacin.
- Little white pills.
Bring the alcohol
and some gauze patches,
then strip that bed and make sure
it's got clean sheets on it.
- Kate!
- Yeah, yeah.
What happened?
John, the button.
What are we doing here, Ana?
I mean, their camp has gotta be close.
I just want to get back to my wife.
How long have I kept you alive out here,
That's right.
- So cut me some slack.
- Hey.
We just want to know what you're doing.
What's the plan?
She has no plan.
She only has her guilt and a gun.
You want a plan?
Do you have any ammo
back at your camp?
- What?
- Ammo, for the gun.
Do you have any, back at your camp?
- Yeah, a couple boxes.
- All right. I want it.
At least half.
And I'll need a pack, a big one.
A blanket, some medicine, clothes,
jeans and socks.
- You getting all this?
Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2 Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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