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Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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Where'd the poster of Marky Mark go?
- I'm 1 8, Boone.
- Your mom's gonna freak.
- It's a wake.
I mean, seriously,
who doesn't serve booze at a wake?
To your dad.
Maybe after all this
you'll come visit me in New York.
I won't have to visit if I get that job
at the Martha Graham Dance Company.
I'll be living there.
Right. Internship.
I know it's, like, a one in three
thousand chance, but I might get it.
Have you spoken to my mother?
She's going through her thing
and I'm going through mine.
Have you two been getting along?
She hates me.
Just try to talk to her.
From day one,
she resented my relationship with him.
With Dad.
- We need a break.
- Five minutes.
What are you looking at?
We have to cut inland.
What? Into the jungle?
They said their people
were on the beach.
- If we keep walking...
- The beach curves into a peninsula.
It may not be passable.
May not?
May not.
You're doing this to get
the cowboy back faster, aren't you?
You would risk our lives to help him?
It's the only way I know.
I liked you better
when you weren't talking.
I can't believe he's still asleep.
Swaddling works every time.
Hey, do you want to hold him?
That's OK.
Put your arms out.
It's OK. There.
- He smells good.
- Doesn't he?
- Hello, Charlie.
- Hello.
Hey, John just taught me a new trick.
That's excellent.
I just came to take him
so you could have your walk.
Well, great timing.
Yeah, I got to get going.
I got him.
Well, thanks for your help, John.
You're welcome.
I'm fine. I'm fine, damn it.
Shut up!
- What? They can't talk at all?
- If he talks he'll get us all killed.
By what? Them? I thought
they lived a day back that way.
How about you shut your mouth
and get your buddy over here moving?
What happened to you people?
You want us to take you back with us,
But you want me to keep quiet?
Then you need to tell me why I have to.
They came
the first night that we got here.
They took three of us.
Nothing happened for two weeks.
Then they came back, and took nine more.
They're smart.
And they're animals.
And they could be anywhere, at any time.
Now we're moving through the jungle...
their jungle...
just so that you can save
your little hick friend over here.
And if you think that one gun
and one bullet is gonna stop them...
think again.
So, shut your mouth, and keep moving.
They took my son.
They took a lot of things.
I know what it is
to lose someone you care deeply about.
You really think
that this is all about Boone?
I saw Walt, Sayid.
Then why are we sitting
at Boone's grave?
- Just go back, Sayid.
- Where are you going?
To find him.
It came.
What? Oh, my God.
Open it.
- I can't open it.
- You what?
You open it.
You've been waiting 6 months
for this letter. No way I'm opening it.
- I got it.
- You got it?
- I got it!
- Oh, my God, you're going to New York!
You're going to New York! Oh, my God!
Hello. Yeah, this is her.
That's impossible.
OK, are you sure?
Of course. I will certainly do that.
My rent cheque bounced.
But you're like... rich.
I would have offered you a drink,
but I have a meeting in ten minutes.
Yeah. My cheques are bouncing.
That happens when you withdraw
and you don't deposit.
When do I get the money Dad left me?
The money from the will?
There was no will.
your father and I had a living trust.
Everything passed to me.
I'm afraid there was nothing
specifically designated for you.
Why would he do that?
Well, maybe he just wanted you
to find your own way.
We all have to work, Shannon.
And most of us are the better for it.
I can work. I just got
this really prestigious internship
and I'm not gonna
make any money for a while
but I'm gonna be working
like 1 6 hours a day.
The only thing I've ever seen you do
1 6 hours a day straight is sleep.
I just need to get to New York.
I need just something to get
Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2 Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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