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Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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a dream.
Everything's fine.
- What's wrong?
- Shannon had a nightmare.
And why is he up?
- I woke him.
- You woke him?
I heard screams, I got worried.
Would you rather I had left him alone?
You woke up the baby
and ran towards them?
- It sounded like she needed help...
- He's gonna need feeding.
He's going to be up all night
and fussy all day.
- Sorry.
- All right. No harm done.
Give him here, then. I got him...
Hey, it's OK.
It's OK.
- Come back and let's talk about this.
- Do you believe me?
No. I know what I saw.
Beautiful, Sophie. OK, can you bring
your shoulders down for me a little?
Extend up. Good.
And, finish. Very nice, ladies.
Did my papa see me?
I think so.
All right, thank you
for a great class today, ladies.
Very nice work, Tina.
He wants me to be his au pair.
Can you believe that?
Au pair, my ass.
"Live in my big house,
take care of my kids."
Next thing, it's "Oh, I am sorry.
I did not know you were in the shower."
Please. What a perv.
- Hello?
- Shannon,
your father's been in an accident.
I'm on my way to St Sebastian's...
I'll meet you there.
- Mrs Rutherford?
- Yes.
Why don't we talk down here?
Doctor, my husband, Adam. How is he?
Your husband
was in a head-on collision with an SUV.
He suffered massive internal injuries.
He stopped breathing
at the site of the accident.
I'm afraid
we were unable to resuscitate him.
I'm so sorry.
- May I see him?
- Of course.
- Would your daughter like to come?
- Stepdaughter.
Come on, Shannon.
How much further to their camp?
A day. Maybe more. Maybe less.
Thanks for being so specific.
Damn it!
I'm OK. I'm fine.
You wanna let me
just take a look at your shoulder?
- What are you, a doctor?
- Clinical psychologist.
You're a shrink.
Maybe you ought to talk to my shoulder.
- How'd you get shot anyway?
- With a gun.
He got shot when they took my kid.
- It's bad, right?
- Yeah, it's bad.
But it's not real bad.
Come on, you're gonna be OK.
Let's go.
I'm all right. I'm fine.
Let me give you a hand, OK?
Um, tell me again why we're doing this
here when there's a dryer in the hatch?
I don't like the hatch.
It's because of the doomsday button,
isn't it?
Well, who needs a dryer
when we've got sun and fresh air?
Wouldn't wanna spoil ourselves,
now, would we?
Yeah, "spoil".
Do you know where Michael and Walt
Ieft the stuff that they didn't
take with them on the raft?
- What kind of stuff?
- Their clothes?
I think their stuff's still on the
beach, back where their tent is.
Poor thing.
Can't be easy, losing the one person
you love on the island.
Here, smell this. That's his, right?
Come on, get a good whiff.
You're always trying to run off
and find him, then find him. Find Walt.
Good dog. Find Walt!
I know I woke you
and I'm so very, very sorry,
but, please,
staying awake for eight hours straight?
Isn't that
cruel and unusual punishment?
How's that cradle treating you?
The cradle's great,
it's the baby that's the problem.
- What's wrong?
- He just won't sleep.
May l?
Babies like the feeling
of being constricted.
It's not until we're older
that we develop the desire to be free.
You know, I think everybody
knows more about my baby than me.
Charlie read me the riot act last night
for waking him.
And as mad as it made me,
turns out he was right.
It's like we're playing
"Mum and Dad" to this baby,
yet I don't remember marrying him.
Seriously. We're practically strangers.
Charlie could be some religious freak.
I seriously doubt that.
Then why does he carry around
a Virgin Mary statue?
- A what?
- You know, one of the little statues?
He says he found it in the jungle.
How about that?
I'm so sorry.
Thank you, Jerry.
I'm so glad you could come.
- If you need anything, please call me.
- Thank you.
Death sucks, doesn't it?
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm so sorry, Shan.
You came back.
Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2 Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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