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Маппеты из космоса

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Get the duck.
- Yes, sir.
- Duckie!
Here goes.
- I look thinner.
- Now spray yourself.
Hey, I like this.
All right, lose the duck.
Listen up, guys. This stuff
doesn't last long, so let's go.
- You're squashing me.
- Sorry, Kermie.
Come on, Kermit.
I will help you up, okay.
Kermit, you're so soft and plump.
You got one second to get
your hands off me, shrimp.
Sorry, Piggy.
Come on.
I have to go to the little bear's room.
Smoking is very bad for you, okay.
...didn't know you cared.
Paging Dr. Van Neuter. Please
report to alien surgery number five.
I'm Dr. Van Neuter.
I'll be your brain surgeon today,
if you don't mind.
Get it? "Brain surgeon. Mind."
Feeling a little nervous, are we?
Of course I'm nervous.
Everyone is
before having their brain sucked out.
Now, don't you go away.
Okay, Kermit, I'm ready.
Fozzie, tell me
you didn't wash your hands.
Of course I did.
Mom said, "Always wash your hands."
Not when you're wearing
invisibility spray!
Mom said, "No exceptions."
Never, ever.
What the...
You, hands, up.
All right, brother, remain calm.
I'm gonna have to take
you two into custody.
Wait. Let me explain, lady.
Where are yourforearms?
Animal, get back here!
Give me a second to think.
He doesn't seem to be on this floor.
I should go change, okay.
Come on, everybody.
We need to find better cover.
Just up ahead here,
General Luft, sir.
There we go.
This is our new
retinal scanner, general.
- General Luft, sir.
- This had better be good.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, Riz. Where you going?
Listen. You guys go ahead.
I gotta go find my friend.
You could get caught.
What are you, nuts?
I guess I'll take my chances.
It was nice meeting you guys.
See you later.
So long, Riz.
Good luck.
Kid's got moxie.
What is moxie?
Let's see here.
Have you ever experienced
any achiness in yourtentacles?
I don't have tentacles.
Good, no achy tentacles. Good.
- Head ever come off?
- I don't think so.
Good, good, good.
- Any gingivitis?
- No.
Ever had problems with that
beaky thing you've got there?
Itching, swelling, flaking?
- Some flaking a couple years ago.
- Oh, who cares.
It's showtime!
Here we go.
Excellent, excellent.
What's that thing?
I don't know. Here we go.
Just stay like that.
This way.
Whose bright idea was this, anyway?
Which way, Kermit?
This way.
I can't breathe!
Come on.
Here we go.
What is it?
Is this covered by my HMO?
Good question. I'll check.
You're alive!
Where have you been?
You don't want to know. Sit tight
while I chew through these straps.
Good news. You're covered
with a $10 co-pay.
Okay, hold still.
And remember, if you experience any
unpleasantness, please let me know.
I'd hate to miss it.
- Do you mind?
- Excuse me.
Oh, good Lord! A rat!
I hate rats!
Then today ain't your lucky day, doc.
- Ready for an operation?
- Let's experiment!
Forward, Piggy.
- Just a couple of doctors.
- Doctors in the hallway.
That was close.
- To the right, Fozzie.
- Forward, Piggy.
Too fast, too fast.
The door. Stop!
What in the world?
This is big, general. I think
we should notify the President.
I'll be the judge of that.
As always, sir.
No, don't tickle me!
- What do we do?
- Will you please get me out of here?
I can't breathe!
Hey, guys.
Quick, get me out of here!
Today, sir...
...we must think with a big mind.
Irrefutable evidence
of extraterrestrial life.
Release me...
This looks worse than it is, general.
Obviously, the...
Get off of me, you vermin!
The alien is loose in the building.
But not to worry because...
Don't bother.
You're terminated.
- When you say terminated...
- You need help, Singer!
Find some!
Well, how'd that
go for you, then? Okay?
So sorry I got you into this mess.
Thanks for coming to save me.
You can thank us once
we're out of here.
All right, quietly now.
Stop! Come back here!
Маппеты из космоса Маппеты из космоса

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