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matterwhat happens...
...we neverforget one of our own.
That's right.
Cheese Twiddle?
Is this movie time or something?
So you're the new guy.
From this moment on, if I say
you're hungry, you eat.
If I say you're sleepy...
I eat?
Oh, you shouldn't have...
Well, well, well.
We got a funny boy here.
- Is that bad?
- Very bad.
It looks like funny boy's
going to the maze.
Since we don't want funny boy
to get lonely...
...you'll all do time
in the maze.
I'm sorry.
See, no one's ever escaped
from the maze, funny boy.
And even if you did,
it's fourfeet to the ground...
...twelve feet to the door
and fourfeet to the doorknob.
- That's 18 feet.
- Twenty.
Funny thing about doorknobs:
Rats can't turn them.
No opposable thumb.
This is ridiculous!
Hey, Riz, watch out
forthem red circles.
What's wrong with the red...
Nobody ever listens.
Red circles. Right.
Now let me see.
Cheese, rat poison.
Cheese, rat poison.
What do you guys think, I'm crazy?
This is a no-brainer.
This ain't so bad.
A little breezy. Oh, boy.
Auntie Em, it's a twister!
This is just like
one of those carny rides.
You just gotta hang on, and at
the end I get some cotton candy.
I'm gonna hurl!
You're just trying
to play mind games here.
But I know the cheese is safe...
...because you think I'm going
forthe poison, right?
Room service.
Hey there, little fella.
How you doing?
While they're warming up the brain
sucker, I brought you a sandwich.
And I cut off the crusts there
for you. There you go.
Gee, that's nice. Thanks.
Anything for a celebrity.
Do you like jalapeos?
Hey, mopey!
- Who said that?
- I did.
But you're just a sandwich.
I'm channeling my voice through
this sandwich to deliverthis message.
Great! What's the message?
We arrive at midnight tonight.
Really? And do all of you
look like sandwiches?
- Forget about the sandwich!
- I'm sorry.
Jalapeos, jalapeos
Getting my friend some jalapeos
So here's the plan:
We're landing at your house.
No, no, wait.
Those guys know where I live.
And they're not the best
examples of Earthlings.
Gosh, where else can we land?
Let's see...
I know! At the beach.
Go to Cape Doom.
Just look forthe lighthouse.
The lighthouse at Cape Doom it is.
Oh, boy. I didn't hear that.
This is great.
But how do I get out of here?
I'm just a sandwich.
Some things you gotta
figure out for yourself.
By the way, you go ahead
and eat me now.
You're gonna need the energy.
- But won't that hurt?
- No, it's fine. I'm going away now.
- Cape Doom, right?
- Yes, Cape Doom.
Are you there?
Just a little further up.
- Stop, Fozzie. Stop here.
- That's it.
Stand back, boys.
This is a job for a woman.
What's a nice man like you doing
in a guardhouse like this?
I'm buffalo hunting.
What's it look like I'm doing?
This is a restricted area.
You gotta go.
Oh, no.
Look deeply into my eyes
and tell me you want me to go.
I want you to go!
I thought I...
What was I saying?
You were saying you were
going to open the gate.
Open the gate.
Of course, open the gate.
Come on in. Welcome!
Come on, guys!
Tell me I'm beautiful, sweetheart.
You are beautiful, sweetheart.
Thank you.
He fell on you
like a ton of bricks, okay.
- Have a nice time.
- Gracias.
- I like yourtie. Very nice.
- Thank you.
- So long.
- Bye-bye!
What a handsome family.
Hey, rodents.
You know the cheese I promised you...
...afteryou ran that maze
and took those tests?
It was delicious.
No cheese?
No cheese?!
All right! That does it!
We're busting out
of this joint, boys.
Even if we got overthe wall,
we couldn't turn the doorknob.
Who needs doorknobs?
Very nice.
He likes it.
We gotta get through that door.
Should we just ask permission from
those nice men with the rifles?
Those are the bad guys.
All right.
It's time to get


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