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here at Muppet Labs,
we've come up with many devices...
...that should aid you
in your covert operations.
This seemingly ordinary
rubber ducky...
...actually contains
invisibility spray.
However, the effect is,
sadly, temporary.
The old rubber-ducky-with-
invisibility-spray trick. Check.
And, Beaker, if you would.
Here is something that
we're very excited about.
"Door in a jar"?
That's absolutely right, Beakie.
All you do is open up the jar...
...fling the contents
onto the wall, and poof!
Instant door.
What is this?
A secret communication device?
That's Scotch tape.
Useful if something tears.
And what do you have for moi?.
Well, Miss Piggy, for you
we have Muppet Labs Mind Mist.
Simply spray it on the subject...
...and they will obey
your every command.
I doubt I'll need any.
Okay, guys, let's go get Gonzo.
- Vmonos!
- Come on.
We'll find him, okay.
I've been looking for
something like you...
...all my life.
And now, at last, my search...
...has come to an end.
May I?
Before you answer,
you better be clear...
...on the final destination
of that finger.
No nostrils.
How do you smell?
Awful. Trust me, I'm his roommate.
That's a killer!
...at me!
I hope I'm not imposing, but I
thought you were just great on TV.
Could I get your autograph?
It's not a good time.
This is probably not a good time.
Forgive me my earthly manners.
But do you have any idea
what it's like...
...to be laughed at?
Sure, I do.
To be called names like "wacko"?
And "freak boy"?
And paranoid delusional psychopath?
Got me there.
To feel...
..pletely alone
in this world?
I think we're starting to get
the general idea there, Ed.
It's wrestling legend
Hollywood Hulk Hogan?!
Have the rat sent down
to Dr. Tuckerfor some tests.
But I haven't studied.
I don't even have a number-two pencil!
This is for all my NWO-ites out there.
I will continue to dominate wrestling.
I'll make your back crack, your knees
freeze and your liver quiver.
I will continue to put so much pain
on you, you'll become my "painiac."
Would you mind? The rat.
Where you going with my friend?
What will yourfans think?
Hey, what you gonna to do?
I'm a bad guy now.
Gonzo, help me!
He's going to be fine.
How you doing? I'm Bubba.
Rizzo. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
How'd you like to meet the boys?
Up there, that's Fast Eddie,
harmonica extraordinaire.
- How you doing, Ed?
- I ain't dead.
Over here's Troy.
This back here, that's Shakes.
Hi. How you doing? Welcome.
They're doing a new
caffeine substitute on him.
That's the Birdman.
Where are you? Gladys?
He don't bother nobody.
He's been here forever.
Gladys! Come on,
the guys are watching.
He just likes to hang out
with his birds.
So that about does it for all
of us here at Medical Research.
Medical Research?
But that would mean we're...
...lab rats!
Gonzo, get me out of here!
Now, Mr. Gonzo.
What can you tell me about these?
They really have been looking for me.
- And they are coming to Earth?
- I don't know.
- How many are there?
- I don't know.
When will they be here?
And don't you dare tell me...
...that you don't know.
I know not?
But maybe I could find out?
Could you?
Okay, then.
I'll keep in touch. Thanks.
So back to the limo?
It's a shame, really.
I really need that information.
So I'm afraid
we'll have to perform...
...an invasive quadra-lobal
brain probe on you...
...and pluck it from your head.
The information?
No, your brain. Take him away.
My brain?
But just a second. I...
- Where are you taking me?
- Get General Luft.
I need my brain.
Tell me again.
Why are we doing this?
To save Gonzo.
Because Gonzo's one of us.
No matterwhat happens, no matter
what obstacles we face...
...we neverforget one of our own.
I love it when you take charge.
We left Bunsen and Beaker
back at the gas station.
From now on,


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