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Маппеты из космоса

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are using
a contact on Earth...
...to plan their invasion.
Now, this same message, "R U there"...
...has appeared all overthe world.
We've been lucky enough to capture
these instances on film.
The pyramids at Giza.
Okay, now, this one says...
..."R U three," but we believe that
to be a simple spelling error.
This could be vandalism,
a practical joke.
Now, you see that?
That's what I said, general.
These photos are...
I'll just be over here, then.
Right this way, general.
When I plotted
these anomalies sequentially...
...a pattern emerged.
A spiral.
Do you see the spiral?
Sir, they are out there.
They are coming here.
Do you have any idea
what you have here, Singer?
I have an inkling.
- Bubkes...
- Good day.
But, sir, we have to take action now.
I hired you to find me an alien.
And you bring me doctored photos
and a spiral.
You are on thin ice, boy.
I gotta hand it to you, sir.
I thought your presentation
was just wonderful.
Whoop, there it is.
Roberta. Dolores.
What should I do with the bills?
- Just leave them inside.
- All right.
Gonzo, do you want your new issue
of Insanity Fair?.
No, I'll get it later.
What is he doing up there?
His breakfast cereal told him
to sit on the roof.
Talk about whole-grain and nuts!
This could be painful.
It is. It is!
Greetings, Mr. Gonzo. Greetings!
What are you guys? Space fish?
We are cosmic knowledge fish.
We know many, many things.
- Would you like some tea?
- No, thanks.
Mr. Gonzo, your people have been trying
to reach you.
My people? Are they fish too?
We're not the same as you.
We are highly evolved beings.
Now, if...
What was I saying?
My people.
- Oh, yes.
- Excellent.
Mow the lawn if you wish to
find what you seek.
I should mow the lawn?
A lawn that is cut
in your own words, Gonzo.
- A message that can be seen from space.
- Space!
So trim it well.
Goodbye, Gonzo.
And may the fish be with you.
Thanks, guys, forthe cosmic knowledge.
Goodbye, Mr. Gonzo.
That's it!
Come on, Rizzo. Time to bet, okay.
All right, prawn cracker.
I'll see your Maryland crab cakes...
...and I'll raise you
a 1958 cheddar cheese...
...never been sniffed.
- Crab cakes and cheese?
- Can't beat that.
Hey, guys!
The cosmic fish have spoken to me.
I'm from outer space!
Yeah, yeah, that's great.
- Pepe, are you in or out?
- I'm in.
I'm an alien!
You been tap-dancing
on your barbecue?
No, no, Rizzo. I'm just fine.
My cards!
Somebody get a fire extinguisher!
Are you sure you're okay?
Absolutely. But I have to respond.
Gotta make contact.
Where's he going?
Who cares? Flying saucer, maybe.
Dos deuces.
The prawn crackerwins.
Pair of twos! I swear,
I had four aces. I really did.
You got to know when to hold it
Know when to fold it
Just a few things fortoday,
Here's a winner.
Your Platinum Buns workout tape.
And let's see...
That new satellite photo is here...
...my Captain Kangaroo pajamas...
- What?
What satellite photo?
"I am here."
Mowed in the lawn.
Who did this?
This is not good.
Poor guy. He's hallucinating.
Getting weird messages.
Hearing things.
He listens to voices
and does what they say.
Hold your horseshoes.
I think I've got an idea.
You're scary.
I have to call Luft.
Wait. Careful.
Baby steps.
Baby steps.
We need more evidence.
More evidence.
Remember, we're just watching.
- And waiting.
- Waiting.
Build it and we will come.
Build what?
Build a Jacuzzi...
...and we will come, okay.
I'm up. I'm up.
Must build Jacuzzi.
- Well done, pal.
- Gracias, amigo.
Put a little more paprika
on those, okay? Thank you.
Well, that's everything.
- He built it.
- And we came!
Remember, I built this new
Jacuzzi for my alien family...
...so no eating in the spa.
We gotta tell him the truth, Pepe.
You tell him...
...and I will smack you.
I will
Маппеты из космоса Маппеты из космоса

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