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They're waiting for you.
Run along now.
This way, Zongo.
Baby steps, sir.
Baby steps.
Time to beat feet.
Come along, little brother.
Oh, boy.
This is happening so fast.
Well, guys...
...l'm gonna miss you.
And I'll be thinking about you.
Rizzo, buddy...
No, no, not me.
I do not do goodbyes.
Well, I just want to tell you...
I just want you
to take care of yourself.
Don't worry about me. I...
I can always get another roommate.
Oh, buddy.
- Take care.
- You too.
And, Kermit...
...you're the best friend
any alien could ask for.
We love you, Gonzo.
So you'll write?
Yeah, sure, I'll write.
There's probably a mailbox
every couple of light-years.
Adis, Mr. Spaceman, okay.
Man, you keep saying goodbye,
and you'll never get home.
Time to go home.
The stars beckon.
Shall we go home?
I don't think so.
Thank you for going
to so much trouble to find me.
But I can't go.
I love these guys.
My life is here.
This is my home.
If that is your decision...
...then we shall abide by it.
We will miss you.
So good luck, Gonzo.
People of Earth, later.
Oh, boy.
You're back! You're back!
People of Earth...
..."This is one small step for man...
...and one giant step for..."
Forget it.
What a great day!
That was probably the best day
of my whole life.
There's one thing I don't understand.
What's that, Gonzo?
Why did they ask me to build a Jacuzzi?

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