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Когда опускается ночь

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-lt's not that l've been unhappy
with Martin.
lt's just that l'm...
l'm happier with...
Oh, God...
Why did l get into this? Why?
-Our community has been remiss
for many years.
lt takes long to change.
But yes, l think
we have been guilty
of homophobic cruelty
and excluded people like you
in the past.
-People like me.
-But what l'd really like to do
right now...
is to pray.
-l'm not here to pray.
-You do still believe?
[ loud music playing ]
-What's going on?
-We have been invited
to a circumstance.
-Circumstance is a festival
forthe Modern Circus
in San Francisco
and it is very prestigious.
And it is all expenses paid.
And to me, this is... okay.
-We have to talk.
-Camille, we have to dance!
-No, Petra, l'm not much
of a dancer. Really, l...
-Oh! Oh, l can fix that.
You're so lovely
it breaks my heart.
[ a man ]: Hey, Petra!
Who's your lovely new assistant?
[ Petra laughs. ]
-Why don't you show us your
tits, Sweet-pea.
Petra, stop!
[ a man ]:
Oh, dear, trouble in paradise.
-Camille, l'm sorry.
-That was vulgar!
-lt was not, Camille.
lt was just fun.
-lt was tasteless and...
and crass!
-Yeah, well... you're...
Are you ashamed of me?
What, l'm your dirty
little secret?
-Petra... ljust don't like
being laughed at.
-Oh, really.
Well, aren't you cute!
Hey! Good luck, then,
'cause these are some
of the kindest people
in the world, Camille.
lf you can't handle a little fun
here, what are you gonna do
when the really mean fuckers
of the world
start making fun of you? Huh?
Cause they will, you know.
They'll use it against you
and they'll be laughing up
a storm, Camille.
-Not if you show
a little dignity.
What could be more dignified
than dancing with the person
l adore?
[ Martin ]: Camille, it's me.
l'm at the island airport,
l'm back in town.
l got them to switch around
my second lecture
so l could get back sooner.
Huh... You must be out
walking Bob.
l'm sorry.
l'm sorry.
Huh... l'm gonna come over
to your place right now and...
l've missed you, sweetheart.
l'll be right over.
-l love your sex.
l love your wisdom and the...
way you say ''switcheroo''.
l love that sadness that you get
in your eyes sometimes.
And other stuff.
we might be leaving tomorrow
and l can't stay
and you can't leave.
[ answering machine ]: Your
mailbox has no new messages.
lf you would like
to change your--
-Why are you so defeatist?
-'Cause l've loved before, see?
And lost.
-l know what my obligations
[ people arguing ]
-Pardon me.
Makes sense to anyone here?
-She's overthere,
in the black trailer.
-Okay, thank you.
l love to look at you.
l love to talk to you.
l love your openness,
l love what you do,
l love...
l love you.
-Everything gets ordinary
-Ordinary with you
would be... wild.
-What would you do in a circus?
-Well, l have a few ideas.
-l smoke pot.
-l drink. Cherry brandy.
-l don't know.
Make your own decisions.
-But do you want me?
-Something awful!
-What's your name?
-l'm Martin.
Would you like a drink of cider?
-No. Thanks.
-Can l do anything?
-No. But thank you.
-She answers a kind of...
wordless question in me.
Yeah, that's good, that's good.
Awordless question.
Awordless question.
l can explain.
No, in fact, l can't.
-lt's okay.
l know he meant a lot to you.
-Huh... yeah.
Don't bothertelling me
it's neurotic.
-lt's probably hard to talk
about without feeling...
-Well... it is foolish.
l distracted myself.
-l could've been
a little more receptive.
l mean, the pressure of
the promotion, my proposal...
lt probably shook you
to yourfoundations. Hum?
-You probably hardly recognized
Martin, l...
l wanted to talk to you
about something.
-l'll help you
Когда опускается ночь Когда опускается ночь

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