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Когда опускается ночь

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the guy?
We should get you
to a hospital, okay?
-No, no, no, it's okay.
-Oh, l shouldn't have
pushed you to do it.
l'm such a fucking
steamroller sometimes.
l haven't done it that many
times. l'm so...
l'm sorry.
-lt's okay.
lt's okay. lt's okay.
But l did it, didn't l?
[ They laugh. ]
How does it feel?
-lt hurts.
-lt helps to swear.
-lt hurts like a fuck.
-You know, you probably strained
some other muscles.
Here, roll over.
-Hmm, it's very, uh...
-So, what do you teach?
-What, like Zeus
and Cupid and stuff?
-And stuff, yes.
They're beautiful
-So tell me a story.
-Cupid, for instance,
was a god who fell in love
with a beautiful mortal, Psyche.
Now, this was a big taboo,
you see, because, uh...
gods and mortals
were not allowed to mix.
So, uh,
Cupid stole her away
to a secret palace...
-Where they made fabulous love.
But Cupid wouldn't let Psyche
see him.
They only made love in the dark.
Until, uh...
This makes me nervous.
-Me too.
l think it's supposed to.
So then what happens?
-Then, uh...
[ doorbell ringing ]
Shit! God... Sorry.
-The boyfriend.
[ Camille ]: Hello?
-Hello. Camille, it's Reverend
DeBoer. Can l come up?
-Uh... Okay...
Oh, you-you're gonna have to,
-l am not gonna climb out
the window.
What's the problem?
We're just buddies, right?
You haven't done anything wrong.
-Sorry, Reverend.
Please, come up.
Okay, uh... Sorry.
l met you at the Laundromat
and we just switched laundry.
You know?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh... Hi, Reverend.
-Good evening.
-Come in.
This is Petra.
Um, l met her at the Laundromat,
quite... randomly,
and we switched
laundry by mistake.
Just one of those things,
you know? And she just came back
to return mine.
And this is Reverend DeBoer,
the chaplain at the college...
where l teach.
-How do you do?
Well, Petra,
thank you for returning
my clothes and, uh...
it was nice meeting you.
-Well, l hope that you can make
some time for me in the future?
-Yes, uh...
Reverend, l'm sorry.
l'm sorry.
She's just a street kid,
quite disturbed, really.
And l can't seem
to get herto leave.
l flattered myself to think
that l could teach her
-Well, you do what you have to,
Camille, but we have to talk.
-Sure. l'll come around
l love you.
Why don't you just tell them
you're sick?
-l'm not,
and l gave them my word.
-l like this new, uh... you,
See you Monday.
[ knocking ]
Ahem... Petra, uh...
l think l should tell you
we may have to
leave here very soon.
-Well, unfortunately,
l think they are going
to call in the loan,
and then they will want to take
the trucks and the equipment
and before l let that happen,
l will make very sure
that we, uh, run away.
Maybe very soon. l don't know.
you're not thinking
of jumping ship, are you?
Because, uh...
Well, because, uh...
-No, No.
Of course not.
-Are you very serious
about this girl?
-Oh, l don't know.
l think she might, you know,
just be experimenting.
l don't know.
You know, all good things go
-Yes, but, uh...
but foryou, Petra,
what does it mean foryou?
Come here.
lt's okay.
-You knew we didn't get it.
Why didn't you tell me?
l've been counting on
that stupid grant.
-l didn't want you to worry.
-All this change,
change, change!
l'm not cut out for it!
A little house in the suburbs
is sounding pretty good, right?
-ls that a fact?
-You know, Timothy, sometimes
l have this dream of just...
picking up and running away
from this circus.
-Oh, grow up, Tory.
-l couldn't help it.
lt's like something that is...
strongerthan l am and...
-lt helps to put names
to ourfeelings.
Naming things gives us power
Maybe it gives others
power over me, too.
-You have nothing to fear
from me, Camille.
Когда опускается ночь Когда опускается ночь

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