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Когда опускается ночь

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certainly is
a very exciting position,
especially in these times.
l'm sure you'll have
lots of takers.
-lt's not takers we need,
it's givers.
-lt was just a manner
of speaking.
-And of course, whoevertook
the position would have
to be beyond reproach, for
the more conservative element
of our college constancy.
We have to remember
that not long ago,
we were still debating
whether or not
Christians could use
rock 'n' roll
to convey a godly message.
-Remember when old Mrs. Lindow
said that...
all rock 'n' roll led
to sexual intercourse,
because the music...
no, it was the rhythm
of the music matched
the rhythm of the contractions
of an orgasm.
-lt's easy to laugh,
but we have to rememberthat
Mrs. Lindow is as much a member
of God's flock as anyone else.
-All l'm trying to say is
the chaplainship of the college
could well go to a man
and woman, together.
And as one of our star
theologians, Martin,
you're more than qualified.
And Camille, your book
on Christian ethics,
your student counselling
last year
and your general behaviour
as a fine Christian woman
make you a credit to the college
and to the faith. But...
if we were to hire
a man-and-woman team,
they could not be suspected
to be...
to be indulging in the physical
pleasures of marriage
without actually being
even if their sexual relations
were very much in the closet,
as it were.
-Well, we're both...
very committed to each other.
Well, you want to skip
the restaurant, then?
-Well, in fact,
l should get some grading done.
-Yeah. l don't really know
what l'm going to speak about
yet anyway.
-You sure you're going
to be okay about Bob?
Bye, then.
-Easy, easy. What is this?!
[ background chatter]
-Excuse me.
[ a woman ]: Okay, next!
-l'm sorry,
l'm looking for, uh...
-What do you do?
-Uh, l teach mythology.
-That's new. And?
-And l'm just looking
for someone.
-And what happens?
-This is funny.
l'm not an acting person.
l have her laundry, you see?
Petra Soft?
-Oh, l see,
you have her laundry.
Uh... she's right overthere.
Are you gonna look at these?
We don't wanna have
to call them back.
-Honey, l'll be with you
when l'm free.
Right now, however,
l am... occupied.
-Right. You're occupied...
Okay, next!
-Okay, Tim, can we bring in
a third one?
-Unfortunately, l only have
two hands available, you know?
-Does that mean ''no''?
-Excuse me...
Can l talk to you for a moment?
-Oh, yeah. Uh... Tim,
could we call it a night?
-Uh, Petra,
before we call it a night,
l have an idea l'd like to try,
and my idea is...
Uh... Okay, it's a night.
lt's a night, go.
-Uh... Afunny thing happened.
l don't know if you've checked
your laundry yet,
but l think we did a switcheroo
by mistake.
-A switcheroo, yeah.
l did realize that. How are you?
Are you feeling better?
-Oh, yeah, yeah. Much better.
l... l wanted to thank you...
[ all ]: Ah...
[ Timothy ]: Shit!
[ Tory ]: Timothy!
[ Timothy ]: Marcus!
[ Tory ]: Don't panic, everyone.
Perhaps the electricity is
a little too much to ask for...
[ Timothy ]: Why do l have
to do everything myself?!
-Come back to my trailer.
l've got your stuff there.
-Don't worry, honey,
l'm getting it fixed.
-''Don't worry, honey''...
That's what you said just before
the tent went up in flames!
-One small fire and
l'm responsible every time
some little problem...
Just keep your hair
on your head!
-Thanks, l will.
-So my name's Petra, by the way.
-Yeah, l saw that on your card.
And mine is Camille Bak...
-Camille. That's nice.
l like it.
lt's like ''come here''.
lt's nice.
[ loud growling ]
-Hey, Petra!
-Shut up, Jim.
So your accent,
is that from Quebec?
-Yeah, originally from Quebec.
But my father was a minister,
so l moved around a lot.
-Well, this is my house.
-Oh, well...
This is really... nifty.
-Yeah, l
Когда опускается ночь Когда опускается ночь

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