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Идеальное убийство

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I was sure it was him.
No doors had been forced open,
so I assumed that he had your key.
But when? I'd used it
to come home that evening.
Are you sure you used your key?
lf memory serves me. . .
. . .the door was wide open.
I saw you walk in.
In which case, he could've
taken your key anytime. . .
. . .even the day before.
Did you see him the day before?
I searched his pockets,
I found what I thought was your key. . .
. . .I grabbed a screwdriver,
jimmied the door.
I put it in his pocket,
took what I thought was your key. . .
. . .and put it on your key chain.
Baby, I am so sorry
for having to put you through this.
It was the only thing I could do.
Can you ever forgive me?
Honey, I already have.
We have to go to the police.
I don't know if this is the time
for brutal honesty.
I've tampered with evidence. . .
. . .in a homicide.
I paid off a blackmail.
I'm in over my head and so are you.
Think it through!
David could say anything he wants.
He could say that
I hired him to kill you.
Or that he blackmailed us,
the happy, wealthy couple.
It'd appear we killed that poor
bastard, thinking it was David.
It depends on how he plays it.
What about the man that I killed?
That has to do with David?
Well, it must!
Do you have any idea how many
burglaries there are each day?
I don't think so.
What are we going to do now?
We'll have to disentangle ourselves
from your artist friend.
Is there anything in his loft that
could link David to us?
My ring.
You said it was being repaired.
That was a lie.
I left it by the bed.
Anything else?
Isn't that enough?
I'll get it.
Will you be home when I get back?
I'm on my way.
I'm calling for Mr. David Shaw.
It's Truman Travel, confirming
your reservation for this afternoon.
Thank you.
Excuse me, sir.
Could you spare 400 grand?
I don't see why not.
Don't think I won't count it.
Think of that
as your commemorative copy.
Nice doing business with you, Steve.
You take care.
Last call: boarding
train number 32 for Montreal. ..
...departing on track number 16.
All aboard.
Right this way.
Here we are, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Wanted to let you know
the dining car opens at 7.
Closes at 1 0 sharp.
Okay, everything's fine.
Attention, please.
Last call for train 32
departing to Montreal in 4 minutes.
How's that for wet work?
You should thank me.
Artists are always appreciated
more after they're dead.
You lose.
I'm sorry, you got to speak up.
I can't hear you.
You're dying.
Steven's. . .
. . .greatest hits.
Excuse me.
I got an emergency here.
What are you doing?
-This'll make it easier.
-Be my guest!
91 st and Fifth.
Has there been a delivery today?
Just one. It came by messenger,
Your wife took it up with the mail.
I didn't know you were here.
I was out on the terrace.
Welcome home.
It's time for a new start.
What do you say we go out
for dinner this evening?
Just the two of us,
someplace quiet. . .
. . .in the neighborhood.
Like that?
I'll be right back.
I'm going to clean up.
Let's stay home tonight.
I'll go pick up something to eat.
That's sweet of you.
Just don't be too long.
I won't.
Before I forget, I think
we should have the locks changed.
Because I still can't find my key.
Good idea. I'll call
the locksmith in the morning.
Better be safe than sorry.
See you soon. Hurry back.
Must have put it back on his way in.
Didn't plan on that, did you?
Young David. . .
. . .he was very unpredictable.
Maybe you'll share a cell.
Because of this?
I just found the key you lost.
You left it for him.
You mean the man you killed.
-I never met the gentleman.
-David did.
They'll have a hard time
proving I knew David.
The blackmail proves it.
What blackmail?
There's only one letter. . .
. . .and I'm afraid that's vanished.
The thing is, we're just
another married couple. . .
. . .trying to work things out.
Идеальное убийство Идеальное убийство

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