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Идеальное убийство

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the night you were attacked.
The trace led us to an automated
quote system at his office.
It lasted from five minutes
before ten to nine minutes after.
That has to be one of the cleaner
alibis I've come across.
I took your case apart
a thousand times. . .
. . .then I put it back together again.
There was always one piece left. . .
. . . 1 ike a screw that didn't fit.
The dead man had a wallet,
cash and change, driver's license. . .
. . .membership card
to a video store, but. . .
. . .not a single key.
Not one.
Not even to his apartment.
Elliot, it's a zero-sum game.
You don't have the balls for it.
By tomorrow, neither of us
will have any balls left.
-Don't panic.
-You're damn right I am.
You drop 50 million in a day.
You know how fast 50 becomes 500?
Not now. What's the spot rate?
We're sitting at ground zero.
You're telling me,
"Think happy thoughts"?
I said, not now!
I'm sorry, but I have a caller
who says this is an emergency.
He says it concerns Emily.
-Who is it?
-He won 't identify himself.
Who is this?
A tragic confrontation will ensue.
It should appear to be...
...stupid and...
I've always thought that "bludgeon"
has a spur-of-the-moment sound.
Maybe you could use one of these.
Meet me at the diner at the corner
of Maiden and South.
Right now.
He was a con named Ronald Diggs.
Fresh from state prison in California.
Must be hard for you.
Mr. Taylor.
You didn't get those fancy shoes
dirty walking over here, did you?
What do you want?
The rest of my money.
You didn't fulfill your end
of the bargain, did you?
So what do I get?
You get this superfine thing.
Hell, you might even call it. . . .
What was that?
"Legitimately sublime. "
What exactly is this superfine thing?
You're looking at it.
It's called time outside of prison,
old partner.
You can't beat it with a stick.
Exactly how much time
does $400,000 buy me?
Whatever the market will bear.
It'll take me a few days.
You got four hours.
That's impossible and you know it.
Come on, Steve.
A man with your rйsumй should
come up with 400 grand in no time.
My place.
You don't show up with the cash. . .
. . .I'll do a mailing of
Steven's greatest hits.
I understand.
Make fucking sure you do.
Hey, Blondie!
What are you doing here?
Excuse me.
I'm looking for apartment 209.
This way?
Thank you.
There's a blonde coming up.
Leave her alone.
A blonde?
Send her right up!
That's not happiness
to see me, is it?
Try surprise.
The key to the dead man's
apartment was on my key chain.
Someone put it there
after I killed him.
Only one person in the world
could've done that.
To protect you.
From what?
Your lover.
Unless somebody else
sent these pictures.
Amazing how you know people are in love,
even across the street.
He called me here two months ago. . .
. . .bragged about how
you'd fallen for him.
I've shelled out over
$1 00,000 already. . .
. . .but he wants a lot more.
For what?
For breaking it off.
I don't believe you.
Did he mention Belize?
That's where he took
all the other ones.
This guy was quite an aphrodisiac
for lonely women of means.
He learned to paint in prison. . .
. . .not at Berkeley.
I don't know where we go from here.
I don't even know if "we"
is an option.
I have done everything in my power
to protect you from this. . .
. . .career criminal that you've let
crawl into our bed.
Why didn't you tell me?
I was sure you were in love with him.
Are you?
I thought that I was.
I can only imagine
what I've put you through.
Is this why your business
is in trouble?
The banks, margin calls.
How did you know. . .?
It hasn't helped, no.
-But it's true, isn't it?
-Yes, it's true.
But I can always make money.
There's a goddamn sea of it out there.
But there's only one of you.
But why did you put his key
on my key chain?
David threatened violence
from the very beginning.
When I saw the
Идеальное убийство Идеальное убийство

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