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Идеальное убийство

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Three sixes still bets.
-Gentlemen, same game.
-It's getting a little boring.
I'm out.
Must be morning in Hong Kong.
There's my cards.
Let's have a better hand this time.
You've got to be kidding me.
That's a serious bet.
Who is this?
I'm in.
-Put your money up, here we go.
-Just in time!
Different winner this time,
though, guys.
I liked the last one.
Oh, my God!
-What happened?
-Mrs. Taylor, we have your location.
He's in the kitchen.
Please stay on the line.
Ma 'am? Ma 'am?
Oh, Jesus!
Police! Open up!
Open up!
-Mr. Taylor?
-We're all right.
He's in the kitchen.
I think he's dead. Follow me.
You didn't hear any. . .
. . .strange sounds. . .
. . .prior to your entering the kitchen?
No, just the phone call.
But before that, nothing unusual?
-How you guys doing?
-We're pretty set here.
I want you to dust the elevator cage. . .
. . .and the banister.
Mo, be out of here in 1 5, 20 minutes.
-Detective Karaman.
-Steven Taylor.
Pleasure, sir.
Mind if I ask you a few questions?
No. Not at all.
I noticed what I assume
to be your footprints. . .
. . .in the blood around the deceased.
-Can I assume those are yours?
-Yes, you may.
May I ask what you were doing?
Making sure he was dead.
Was he?
Appeared to be, yes.
Take his pulse?
You see right there?
Did you lean over him for something?
I tried to determine whether
he was breathing.
-Was he?
-Not at that time.
Let's take a look.
Something wrong?
Aside from a dead man
lying in my kitchen?
For a moment,
I thought you knew the man.
-I don't think so.
-Why's that?
I never forget a face.
Anything else?
Your wife must come down
to give a statement.
As soon as she's ready.
Mr. Taylor. . .
. . .are you aware of anyone
who might wish your wife harm?
My wife has no enemies.
Thanks, Detective.
I know, baby, I know.
It's okay.
You're going to be all right.
What do you think?
I believe her.
What about him?
I couldn't say.
You know, Mo. . .
. . .rich people are different
from you and me.
They got a fuck of a lot more money,
for one thing.
Very good, Bobby.
Hey, Mo, you going to turn it up,
or what?
I like it like this.
You had said before. . .
. . .that they did not speak.
They didn't.
They listened.
Background noise?
Did you hear any?
There wasn't any.
She told you.
Maybe you should let your wife
answer the questions.
She's been through enough tonight.
We're almost through, Mrs. Taylor.
There's just a few more things
I'd like to ask.
Remember what time you got home,
Mr. Taylor?
1 1 , 1 1 :30. Came from my regular
card game at the Drake Club.
You'll love this.
We've l.D.'d the man
who broke into your home.
May l?
This man is a career criminal.
You couldn't dream up a better
defense for justifiable homicide.
Your wife's on three.
She says it's an emergency.
How old is your boy?
One month.
Is he ill?
May God watch over your son
and protect him.
And you as well.
I'm glad we cleared that up.
I'm going to ask you
not to leave the city.
But she is.
We're going to her mother's house.
Roger has the telephone number.
Wait. Hold on.
Why? She hasn't been charged.
Her statement's complete.
So it's really just a matter
of courtesy.
Courtesy on our part.
If you think of anything else,
give me a ring.
I don't know what else
there is to think of.
Probably nothing.
May you go in safety.
And you as well.
My baby!
I'm just down the hall, baby.
Here you go.
By tomorrow, this will all seem
like a bad dream.
And what if there were no tomorrow?
You know better than that.
Sleep well.
Please tell me.
How could something like this happen?
Sandra, I don't know.
I've gone over it
a thousand times myself.
The world's gone crazy.
Roger's prepared a statement
the D.A. wants me to sign.
So I'll head back into the city. . .
. . .and come back in the morning
to pick up Emily. . .
. . .if she's all right.
It's me.
I just wanted
Идеальное убийство Идеальное убийство

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