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Идеальное убийство

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He looks up and says...
... "You'll never get away with it. "
She looks up at the pots
and pans above her...
... tips her head back...
...and whacks her head
against the countertop.
We cut.
The cops are in the kitchen.
The place is a mess.
She has destroyed the kitchen...
...made it look like a huge battle.
She is manipulating him.
She's now committing
the perfect murder.
The cops walk in.
David Suchet, "Detective Karaman"...
... with his partner, Bobby Fain.
And he smells a rat.
Something strange is going on here.
He walks through the kitchen,
Michael's body is taken away.
It's very much like the
intruder's scene we had before.
And he goes into the office
and the tape is playing...
... with Michael laying out
the plan of the murder.
He shuts it off, and Gwyneth
basically lies to him.
And she fabricates this attack
that never happened.
The cop listens for a while...
...makes a moral decision:
I don 't care what happened...
... this man deserved to die.
He deserved what he got.
He goes along with her and says...
... "What else could you do?"
And the movie ends.
Идеальное убийство

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