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...И правосудие для всех

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doing here?
- I came to ask you a question.
- Oh, yeah? What?
- I'm a good lawyer, right?
- Right.
- I got Earl Soames off, right?
- What are you talking about?
I got Earl Soames...
- Yeah, you got him off.
- I didn'tjust get him off.
I got him off on murder.
And we all know Mr Soames did it.
Right, he did it.
He was guilty. We all know that.
Brilliant defence. Brilliant.
- Brilliant defence, Arthur.
- Right.
Brilliant. Brilliant!
I got him off on a technicality.
I know, Jay. Right. Good.
- Mr Soames did it again.
- What do you mean?
At twelve o'clock tonight
he killed two kids.
Oh, Jesus.
He killed kids, you see.
Oh, Jay...
- I gotta take a piss.
- Jay...
My partner.
- There's women in here.
- Hello.
Arthur, what's going on?
Come on, it won't hurt you. Just duck.
You've got about three feet.
For Christ's sake, get in.
How are you feeling? Ready to go?
I thought you flew planes.
With wings.
I've been flying helicopters
ever since Korea. Get in.
Button up. Close the door.
I gotta tell you, Judge.
I'm not too happy about this.
Just relax, Arthur.
Could we maybe just go out a bit?
Kind ofjust go and hover?
We'll do any goddamn thing you want.
Now hold on to your cojones.
This is what it's all about!
Pretty, isn't it?
I don't want to talk.
I don't want to talk.
Did you ever skydive?
- Did you ever skydive?
- No! Why?
You oughta try it.
You might learn something.
I was skydiving once
and my main chute didn't open.
My reserve didn't open either.
There I was, plunging to the earth.
As I hit the treetops
I discovered the meaning of life.
- Which is?
- It sucks, Arthur. It really sucks.
They used to keep
Native Dancer down there.
Native Dancer, the horse.
They kept him down there.
Beautiful animal.
- Where are we going?
- Do you have any place in mind?
Down. I would prefer to go down.
Just relax and enjoy it, Arthur.
The old Chinese proverb.
Great, isn't it?
Oh, my!
Let me showyou something.
Look at that.
Wild, isn't it?
- We've hit it.
- Hit what? What did we hit?
The halfway point.
There's a little game I play.
I always calculate how far I can go
on the fuel I have and still get back.
Then I figure out the halfway point
and I go just a little beyond it.
You mean
we're beyond the halfway point?
You mean
we're not gonna make it back?
Maybe, maybe not.
Well, land.
Land! Put it down!
Come on, we're all right.
Ifwe're beyond the halfway point
we're not all right. Land!
Here we go! Heading back.
Sixteen years of marriage and my wife
still won't eat Chinese food.
It's crazy. Especially since
we met in a Chinese restaurant.
How are we doing?
Where are we? Are we back yet?
Trust me, Arthur.
It's a protest. She relates
Chinese food to our marriage.
We're not gonna make it back!
I knew it! I knew it!
We're not gonna make it back!
Arthur, look at that.
I told you I had good instincts.
Hang on, Arthur. Hang on now.
Hang on...
Hang on, Arthur. We'll make it.
Hang on!
Oh, God! Oh, God!
Hang on! Hang on!
Home free.
We almost made it
right on the button.
Another ninety feet.
I told you I had good instincts.
Come on, let's go ashore.
Shit, my wheel.
Come on, Arthur.
It's easier when you
take the belt off. That's it.
Are you all right?
Come on, let's get some coffee.
You'll be all right.
Your adrenaline's still charged.
You have to admit
it makes you feel alive, vital.
When I think
that we could be dead right now...
Listen, why is everyone
so preoccupied with death?
I'm not usually preoccupied with it,
but this seems like a valid time.
Another chicken salad sandwich.
Let's get back to Fleming.
- You won't consider taking his case?
- Nope. Not interested.
You'd better be interested.
There are some very powerful people
who can ruin your career.
Ruin my career? What do you mean?
For one they can have you disbarred.
Do you want some more coffee?
What are you
...И правосудие для всех ...И правосудие для всех

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