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...И правосудие для всех

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pleads guilty.
Fleming sentences Jeff
to five years in prison.
So, one little guy
has already spent -
- a year and a half in jail
because his lights didn't work.
I've spent the last year gathering
evidence to prove he's innocent.
And I prove it.
I bring it all into Fleming's court -
and he throws it out.
- Why?
- It came in three days late.
Holy shit!
That's incredible.
It's not incredible. It's Fleming.
No, Arthur.
That's the law.
You can't fault Fleming legally.
Because he was going by
the letter ofthe law.
- Are you kidding?
- No, I'm not.
You talk to me like that
you won't get me into bed, dear.
Yes, I will.
I've had tougher cases.
- You're so easy.
- You knew that, huh?
That's why you went out with me.
Finish your egg roll.
Arthur! Arthur!
You'll never guess
who the police just grabbed.
- Take a guess.
- Warren, please...
This may sound crazy,
but Judge Fleming was just taken away.
- What do you mean, taken away?
- Arrested.
Come on.
I'm telling you. They just arrested
your very own favourite judge.
- Judge Fleming?
- Judge Fleming.
What's the joke, Warren?
There's a joke connected to this.
There is no joke.
I don't know what it's about.
They're sitting on this very hard.
I can't get anything from anybody.
Let me knowthe...
- Judge, we're ready to reconvene.
- I'll be right there.
Congratulations, Counsel.
Thank you very much.
What did I do?
Come here, come here.
Judge Fleming.
I was right. He was arrested
this morning and booked.
- We know that.
- You'll never guess what for.
- Take a guess.
- What for?
Fleming was booked on a rape.
- I can't stand it.
- Isn't that the best?
- Rape!
- I don't believe it.
That's not the best.
Oh, no. I'm gonna tell you
the punchline.
You're gonna love this.
His people just called.
Mr Fleming would like you
to represent him.
Why me?
I hate the son of a bitch.
I'm going crazy!
Mr Kirkland,
as you undoubtedly know, -
- Judge Fleming has been accused,
falsely I might add, -
- of sexually assaulting a young lady.
He wants you to represent him.
Excuse me.
- What, may I ask, is so funny?
- I just think it's...
It's just crazy.
I don't think it's so crazy.
Two lawyers up in the third-floor
men's room think differently.
Right now one ofthem is laughing
so hard he's choking in the sink.
I'm aware that I'm not
particularly well liked.
But the fact is that I'm innocent
and I will have that proven in court.
Mr Bates and I feel,
in this particular situation, -
- you would be perfect
to handle my defence.
What is this? The two of you got
together and came up with that one.
That's a beauty.
The real question is: Why?
Why me, fellas?
We need you for political reasons.
Political reasons? What kind?
This case will create
a lot of media coverage.
The animosity between you and the judge
is well known. But we can use that.
Why else defend a man
you dislike so much -
- unless he was truly innocent?
And he is, you know.
Remarkable. Remarkable.
But personally
I don't give a shit.
You smug son of a bitch!
Henry! Henry!
I've never committed a crime
in my life.
Judge, ifyou're innocent,
truly innocent, -
- you don't need me.
Get yourself another lawyer.
What are you laughing at?
I really hate
to tell you this, but -
- you remind me a little
of my ex-husband.
In what way?
Because, during sex,
he would always say:
"Go! Go!"
I don't say "go".
- I heard you say "go".
- No, I don't say "go".
"Go" is dumb.
I say "God".
- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.
I could have sworn
I heard a couple of go's.
That was "God".
I said "Ooooh..."
It sounded like "go".
And then I said "God".
"Ooooh, God".
Oh, God...
Yeah? Who is it?
Arthur, it's Jay!
- Jay?
- What the hell...?
It's my partner.
Jay. Jay?
All right, all right.
What do you say?
Hell of a night tonight.
- It's two o'clock in the morning.
- I know. The bars just closed.
So, what are you
...И правосудие для всех ...И правосудие для всех

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