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...И правосудие для всех

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It's not the McCarthy hearings.
Oh, that's a relief.
So you're not gonna ask me: "Are you
now or have you ever been a lawyer?"
- That wasn't amusing, Mr Kirkland.
- Do you know David Crebbs?
No, it wasn't, Miss...?
Packer. This isn't amusing. It is
ridiculous. Yes, I know David Crebbs.
Have you ever seen...
Is this mike working?
- Do you know David Crebbs?
- Why are we using microphones?
- Why don't we just talk to each other?
- This is a hearing, Mr Kirkland.
Yes. It's a hearing.
- Do you know Jules Stouffer?
- We've already asked that.
Are we through with Stouffer?
How about Alvin Burton?
- Do you know David Crebbs?
- I've already asked that.
- What did he say?
- He said yes.
Have you ever seen him
intoxicated in court?
David Crebbs has a speech impediment.
Check your records. It's in there.
As answer to your question:
No, he doesn't drink. Not at all.
At this point
I would just like to say -
- that what this committee is doing
in theory is highly commendable.
However, in practice it sucks.
And I am not going to answer
any more questions.
What do you think
we're trying to do in there?
- Want a drink?
- No.
Whatever you may think, we're not
conducting some kind of witch-hunt.
What are you doing then?
You might not be aware of this, -
- but there's a lot of corruption
that nobody's doing anything about.
- Do you think you're doing something?
- Yes, I do.
That committee is
a very dangerous farce.
Whoa, Mr Kirkland.
I spend fourteen hours a day
on that committee.
I don't do it to get
a few good laughs.
You could spend the rest of your life.
You'll wind up a cop.
Maybe ruining the careers of a few guys
who wiped their ass the wrong way.
Other than that, nothing.
So what do you think?
About what?
About me. What do you think?
Think I'm kind of interesting?
Somebody you'd like
to have a drink with?
I think that you're crazy.
What about Daniel's?
Say, around seven thirty?
I don't think so.
Eight thirty.
All right.
I'm Arthur Kirkland.
You wanted to see me?
My man, Bambi,
he recommended you real highly.
He said, Arthur Kirkland
was the man to see.
Okay, Ralph,
tell me what happened.
It says here
you were involved in a robbery.
No, sir.
What happened is, it was time
to come down on a nigger.
It's like smoking. They've got to
have a nigger every twenty minutes.
What happened is...
I was in an alley, petting my dog,
when they came down on me.
It states here
the dog was attacking you -
- when you were seen in the alley.
Well, my dog, he gets like that.
It also states that the dog
belonged to a Mrs B. Jackson.
He sure looked like my dog.
He had that little...
It also states that when asked
what you were doing you replied:
"I don't know nothing
about that taxi cab."
That's true. I don't.
- How did you know there was one?
- Mr Kirkland, there's always one.
Ralph, tell me the truth or get another
lawyer. I don't need the bullshit.
I was in that cab,
but I didn't rob it.
It was my cousin's idea.
I didn't know nothing. He's crazy.
- What's your cousin's name?
- I don't know. I mean...
- He lives over on Hillsdale.
- You don't know your cousin's name?
Who do you think you're talking to?
Do you think I'm an idiot?
I read a report, I can tell
if somebody's bullshitting me.
Give me straight answers
or get another lawyer.
I don't have time to listen to
some jive-ass put-me-on.
It wasn't my idea,
but I did know what was coming down.
See me and my cousin Royce...
Royce Shavers.
He figures that
since I am the way I am...
Mr Kirkland,
I can look really fine sometimes.
I'm sure you can.
Royce figures we can be a couple.
You know, a man and a woman couple.
A cab driver will pick up a couple
faster than he will two nigger men.
We got into a cab
on Garrison Boulevard.
And we asked him to take us down to
the harbour like we were tourists.
I can't go to jail, man.
I just can't do it.
...И правосудие для всех ...И правосудие для всех

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