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...И правосудие для всех

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Just give it a little pat.
Arthur. Arthur.
Excuse me. Hold it, Wenke.
- Where are you going?
- The bathroom.
Go home and change.
You look like shit.
What would you say if I walked
into court looking like that?
What would you say?
I don't wanna
keep harping on this, -
- but the Ethics Committee is checking
up on everyone. You've gotta watch it.
Last week two lawyers were
disbarred on minor charges.
You get thrown in jail
on contempt of court.
Fleming got me crazy.
Push him on that McCullaugh thing
and there will be big trouble.
McCullaugh's innocent
and Fleming won't look at the evidence.
- What do you want me to do?
- You don't threaten a judge!
Will you do me a personal favour?
Put this on.
I got Fleming
first thing this morning.
Give him my love.
The tie, I like it.
It's Fleming's favourite colour.
All rise. Criminal Court of
Baltimore City is now in session.
The Honourable
Henry T. Fleming presiding.
Be seated.
If Your Honour please,
for the first matter -
- the State would call case number
57746898, State versus Robert Wenke.
Mr Wenke, may I ask you
to step forward, please.
How many times have you been
before the bench, Mr Wenke?
Three times, Your Honour.
Once for assault, once for arson,
once for grand larceny.
And now indecent exposure.
What's the matter? Can't you decide
what you wanna be when you grow up?
Anything to say?
Yes, Your Honour.
I'm a loyal Colts fan.
You are also a revolting,
despicable scum of the earth -
- who should be
squashed like a cockroach.
I object. My client has not
been found guilty yet.
You're absolutely right, Counsellor.
It's now 9:40.
At 9:41 he will be guilty.
I find the defendant guilty.
Sentence to be imposed later.
I would like Mr Wenke's bail
to be continued.
- Bail is revoked.
- Thank you.
The State will now call
number 57746899.
That was very good work.
Very nice. Colts fan.
I need Colts? Terrific, Wenke.
Then you do know?
The big white house?
With the fat columns out in front
on Greenway Avenue?
Guess how much that house is worth.
- I don't know.
- Take a guess.
Seven million.
243,000 dollars.
Now that's some nut I've got, huh?
I just need some more accident cases.
I ought to throw banana peels around.
Recess is almost over,
and I only have this lottery case...
Did you know there's a guy
eating something off your table?
The guy you're prosecuting.
He's eating the lottery tickets.
Holy shit!
Gibson, get the hell away!
- Don't swallow, you son of a bitch!
- That's my client!
Don't swallow!
Gentlemen, need I remind you
you are in a court of law?
Now let's proceed
in an orderly fashion.
What the hell are you doing?
Does the defence have
anything to add?
Your Honour...
I guess I should request a recess -
- so my client could get something
to eat. He's obviously very hungry.
My client, McCullaugh.
Could I see him for a minute?
Sure, Mr Kirkland.
Stick your hand out.
Mr Kirkland, what happened?
I just want to reaffirm what I said
yesterday. We'll get you out.
I know you're trying,
but this is crazy, you know?
I know it.
You said you had evidence
that proves I'm innocent.
- Yes, you're innocent.
- And Judge Fleming agrees, right?
If everyone agrees I'm innocent,
why am I going back to jail?
There's enough proof,
but the court won't accept it.
- Why not?
- Well, there's a law...
It says that evidence must be submitted
within a certain time period.
And ours came in three days late.
What difference does that make?
Even if it came in three years late.
They've got the proof they need.
They should let me go.
The judge sends me to jail and he knows
I'm innocent. What's going on?
It's gonna take more time.
Any other judge would let you out.
But Fleming goes
by the letter of the law.
Jeff, I promise I'll get you out.
I promise.
He promises to get you out.
Don't worry.
Judge Fleming.
I want to apologise for my behaviour
in the courtroom the other day.
I don't
...И правосудие для всех ...И правосудие для всех

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