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...И правосудие для всех

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tell this is catered.
Turkey I know. What is this?
- Excuse me...
- Go ahead, go ahead.
- Thank you.
- Go already.
What is this fancy thing over here?
You don't like it?
You don't eat it.
I'll bet it's the yams.
They're hiding the yams so I'll eat it.
Hi. How are you?
Is it Jay?
What do you think, Arthur?
Hello, Larry.
Do you like it?
It came to me during the night.
- I gotta talk to you.
- Excuse me.
Marcie, I'm coming back.
When I do, you can pet it.
- What are you doing? What's going on?
- Nothing.
What do you mean?
What are you doing with that head?
- Where'd you get it?
- I shaved my head.
- What for?
- A change of pace.
You shaved your head
for a change of pace?
Also, do you see what it does?
It's going to make it thick.
When this comes back
it's gonna be thick.
What's bothering you?
Don't play big brother, all right?
Where's that Marcie?
Will the defendant please rise.
I find the defendant
guilty of armed robbery
I don't understand.
What's going on? Am I going to jail?
Since this is the defendant's
first major offence, -
- and he has no criminal record
and is currently employed, -
- I request an investigation.
- You foresee a favourable report?
- Yes, Your Honour.
A probation report is to be drawn up
and presented within fifteen days.
Sentencing will be withheld
until that time.
What happens now?
They prepare a report
for the judge -
- and in fifteen days
you should be out on probation.
- Should be? I have to be.
- Don't worry, you'll be okay.
Where are you going?
- My office.
- Come in, I'll take you.
- It's a new one, huh?
- Yeah, you like it?
- Arthur, I've got a problem.
- What?
- This young girl...
- Not again, Carl.
I think it's a paternity suit.
Well, you know me, Arthur.
Is Jay letting his hair grow back
or keeping it shaved?
He shaves it every day.
He carries around a razor -
- which he runs over his head
all day long.
Jesus. Sounds pretty bad.
He's not all right, is he?
He's all right. He'll be all right.
You know, the committee's
considering calling him in.
His clients are complaining.
He's postponing his court dates.
He's got a problem.
He's all right. He's all right.
You know what this whole thing
comes down to, don't you?
Every day, defence lawyers get guilty
people off and are not affected by it.
It's not supposed to affect them.
The difference is that Jay was
affected by it. He was hurt by it.
- That's not the point.
- Isn't it ironic?
That the one lawyer who felt something
is brought before your ethics committee?
Don't make yourself out to be
the only sensitive person around here.
I know Jay was hurting.
That's not the point. He's not
functioning properly because of it.
He's all right. He just needs time.
I've taken over his court cases.
He's emphasizing on contracts.
Now lay off him, okay?
I'm just trying to let you know
what's going on.
I love the way the hierarchy works.
You're going after guys like Jay -
- and nobody is doing anything about
Judge Rayford, who's a suicidal maniac.
- Rayford?
- Yes.
The man is bent on killing himself.
A bailiff once found him
trying to hang himself.
You know where he eats his lunch?
Outside his window, on the ledge,
four stories high.
This man is making
value decisions on people's lives.
His personal behaviour
is not affecting his work.
- You know that for sure?
- He's an excellent judge.
- And Jay's an excellent lawyer.
- I know. He was. That's not the point.
The point is, his problems
are affecting his clients.
That's why the committee wants
to see him.
Oh, God.
You know, there are times -
- when I'm not too sure I like you.
We are so opposite -
- in how we feel about things.
Maybe that's good.
- That's perfect, right?
- Right.
As long as we keep a little friction
between us, there are no problems.
That's all the photos
in the Fleming case.
Here's the name and address of a witness
that lives in Leah's
...И правосудие для всех ...И правосудие для всех

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