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...И правосудие для всех

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the other one
has something to do
with amnesia.
[ spraying ]
i don't know what it is.
arthur, what are you doing ?
it won't foam.
that's because
it's deodorant.
and today is tuesday,
so don't forget to visit
your grandfather.
and you have to be
back in court at 2:15.
- coffee, please.
- you want some coffee ?
sherry, stay with me today,
dear.  i need you today.
[ whistles ]
arthur !
come here.
[ chuckles ]
hi, judge.
are we gonna get
together this weekend ?
i don't know.  you know,
you're the only one
i've been dating these days.
come on, now.
you promised you'd go
flying with me !
[ groans ]
i gotta tell ya, judge,
you know, i'm not--
i'm not too fond of
anything that takes
place off the ground.
heights.  i don't know.
i got a thing about heights.
come on, this is flying.
it's different.
- how high up do you go ?
- how high up do you wanna go ?
come on, it'll be
good for you.
sure.  besides, it gets--
it's lonesome up there.
why don't you take
your wife, judge ?
[ chuckles ]
last thing we did together
was get married.
aw, come on, arthur.
now, you promised me,
remember ?
all right.
what time ?
sunday morning,
- do you always carry
that thing with you ?
- there's law and there's order.
and that's order.
- hey, you like egg roll ?
- uh, yeah.
good.  come on,
let's get out of here.
easy, easy, easy.
all right, you got it.
[ laughing ]
son of a gun.
so, it's another
week already.
another week.
i don't know
where time goes.
no problems, grandpa.
everything all right ?
see this one ?
wonderful woman.
i went to her
husband's funeral.
fine man.
gitel ?
oh, hello, sam.
how are you ?
this is my grandson,
oh !
pleased to meet you.
good to meet you.
he goes
to law school.
oh !
i'm a lawyer.
take my advice.
don't be in a hurry.
[ chuckles ]
he's a nice-looking boy.
my grandson.
[ chuckles ]
good to meet you.
oh, pleased to have
met you, too.
[ whispers ]
see you.
[ sighs ]
it's been a week.
grandpa, remember ?
it's been a week.
last week, we went
for a ride in the car.
remember ?
oh !
that's a good machine.
always give signals
when you turn.
 [ piano ]
[ woman ]
reach for the sky.
[ coughs ]
are you a...
good lawyer ?
[ scoffs ]
are you honest ?
well, i don't know.
bein' honest doesn't
have much to do with
bein' a lawyer, grandpa.
if you're not honest,
you've got nothing.
[ sighs ]
ah, your parents
should see you now.
the hell with them.
they've never cared before,
why are they gonna care now ?
they're still your parents.
you raised me.
you're the one that put
me through law school.
you're a wonderful man,
grandpa, but your son
is a shit.
he was born with colic.
i love ya.
look at you.
filled out like a man.
you'll look like a lawyer,
and you'll be a lawyer.
iama lawyer, sam.
i've been a lawyer
for twelve years.
[ sighs ]
so, it's another week,
already ?
[ man ]
do you know jules stouffer ?
[ arthur ]  yes, i do.
-[ man ]  he was a client
of yours, isn't that right ?
-[ arthur ]  yes.
wasn't he originally
represented by alvin burton ?
yes, that is correct.
why did he change
representation ?
because i handled him on
an aggravated assault charge.
that's my area,
not burton's area, so--
did jules stouffer
express dissatisfaction
with mr. burton ?
no.  not at all.
burton's an excellent lawyer.
you're not going after him,
are you ?
we're not going after
anyone, mr. kirkland.
we are simply--
do you know david--
we are simply trying to review
certain accusations,
to determine whether or not
they are true, and to, more
or less, clean our own house.
so, please
do not overdramatize
these proceedings.
- it's not
the mccarthy hearings.
- oh !  that's a relief.
so, you're not gonna ask me,
"are you now, or have you
ever been, a lawyer ?"
that wasn't amusing,
...И правосудие для всех ...И правосудие для всех

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