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...И правосудие для всех

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see your kids much?
They're in California.
Phone calls, holidays.
Put the food out.
I'll get the plates.
I guess I was lucky.
We never had any kids.
- How long were you married?
- Three years.
- Were you in love?
- No...
I was in love with the law.
You know what I mean?
You got a serving spoon?
Serving spoon.
Thank you.
So, do you eat out a lot?
- Yeah. Do you?
- Yeah.
The committee works
just about every night.
How did you feel when you
walked out on the committee?
- Did you feel daggers in your back?
- That's a very dangerous group.
Jesus, here we go...
Arthur, why do you feel
it's dangerous?
You con the public to think
you're doing something, and you're not.
We are doing something. Protecting
the public from corrupt lawyers.
You're skimming the surface.
You're not going after real power.
Wow, that's scary.
What real power, Arthur?
- You don't know?
- No. Tell me.
Well, now we know
they're definitely safe.
What makes you think
you know so goddamn much?
- I don't know so much.
- No, tell me.
What makes you
the great voice of authority?
I don't pretend to be
a voice of authority.
I just don't think
you know what you're doing.
Oh, I see.
This is nice, don't you think?
No, I don't find this
particularly nice, Arthur.
I'm angry again, you know.
I don't like being angry.
- It's not very pleasant.
- Why do you criticize me for what I do?
I'm not criticizing you.
You're taking it too personally.
The committee is doing something
about what's going on.
We're not sitting in jail at nights
because of contempt of court.
- Do you know what that's about?
- Yeah. You punched Judge Fleming.
- You know why?
- I have no idea. Tell me.
I have a client who's in jail
because of a faulty tail light.
- And I can't get him out.
- What do you mean?
Do you want to hear a story about
our wonderful judicial system?
A guy named Jeff McCullaugh
is going down a highway one night.
And the cops stop him
because his tail light isn't working.
They run a make on him.
The computer kicks back -
- that a Jeff McCullaugh is wanted
for assault with a deadly weapon.
- Was it the same guy?
- No.
But he fits the description,
so they arrest him.
Did he tell them
they had the wrong person?
He tried.
He told the public defender.
But he was too busy.
He never bothered to check.
- Are you serious?
- Wait, it gets better.
While Jeff is in jail,
a guard is stabbed -
- and the knife is planted
in Jeffs cell.
And Jeff is trialled on a new charge:
Assaulting a guard with a deadly weapon.
And a trial date is set. Six months
from the time he was first picked up.
I'll make a long story short.
Six months go by -
- and a very shaky, very crazy
Jeff McCullaugh goes to court.
The public defender tells Jeff
that he can get him off -
- if he pleads guilty.
He'll make a deal with the judge.
So he pleads guilty
even though he's innocent. Right.
The deal was made
with a Judge Callahan.
The day of the trial
Judge Callahan cannot be found.
Fleming is in his place.
Fleming doesn't know about the deal.
Jeff pleads guilty.
Fleming sentences Jeff
to five years in prison.
So, one little guy
has already spent -
- a year and a half in jail
because his lights didn't work.
I've spent the last year gathering
evidence to prove he's innocent.
And I prove it.
I bring it all into Fleming's court -
- and he throws it out.
- Why?
- It came in three days late.
Holy shit!
That's incredible.
It's not incredible. It's Fleming.
No, Arthur.
That's the law.
You can't fault Fleming legally.
Because he was going by
the letter of the law.
- Are you kidding?
- No, I'm not.
You talk to me like that
you won't get me into bed, dear.
Yes, I will.
I've had tougher cases.
- You're so easy.
- You knew that, huh?
That's why you went out with me.
Finish your egg roll.
Arthur! Arthur!
You'll never guess
who the police just grabbed.
- Take a guess.
- Warren, please...
...И правосудие для всех ...И правосудие для всех

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