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...И правосудие для всех

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let's just get you
to the hospital,
get you checked out.
would you lie back ?
you are the best.
you get every nickel,
then you have him
put away !
i'll see he gets
the death penalty, carl.
lie back, sir.
death is okay too.
jesus, you stink.
somebody piss on you ?
get him out of here.
make sure nobody uses
my car phone !
i'm in a hospital,
some jerk calls rome.
you son of a bitch !
you lunatic !
carl ?  carl, you're
gonna have a stroke.
you'll have to deal
with my lawyer !
[ grunts ]
the death penalty !
you'll die for this.
- he's the best !
- it's not even my car.
carl, carl.  carl.
i got a terrible headache.
you'll be all right.
i'll call you
at the hospital.
what about
this guy, here ?
he says he's all right.
i-i mean,
it's a friend's car.
i-i just borrowed it
for the night, and now
how am i gonna tell him ?
i think you should
go to the hospital.
well, i'm okay,
but the car--
i know.  i know.
let me take you over
to the hospital.
my horoscope said it was
gonna be a great day,
and look what happened !
you'll be fine.
you're gonna be fine.
nah, it's not gonna
be that way at all.
[ woman chattering ]
i'm askin' you a question.
look at me when
i'm talkin' to you !
d.a.'s willing to go two years,
one year probation.
that's a lot of fuckin' time.
okay ?
hi, artie.
i ain't kissin' nobody's ass.
i'm not asking you
to kiss it.
just give it a little pat.
arthur !
arthur !
excuse me.
yes ?
hold it, wenke.
uh, where are you going ?
go home.
go home and change.
you look like shit.
what would you say
if i walked into court
looking like that ?
arthur ?  what would--
arthur, what would you say ?
arthur, i don't want
to keep harping on this,
but the ethics committee's
checking up on everyone.
please, you've
gotta watch it.
okay, i'll watch it.
last week, two lawyers were
disbarred on minor charges.
you run around,
get thrown into jail
on contempt of court.
fleming got me crazy.
got me crazy.
you push fleming...
on that mccullaugh thing,
there's gonna be big trouble,
i'm telling you !
mccullaugh's innocent,
and i can't get goddamn fleming
to look at the evidence, jay.
what do you want me to do ?
you don't
threaten a judge.
you don't threaten a judge !
[ moaning ]
do me a personal favor ?
put this on !
chanel something.
i got fleming
first thing this morning.
give him my love.
that tie.
i like it.
it's fleming's
favorite color.
[ both laughing ]
[ man ]
all rise.
criminal court of baltimore
city is now in session,
the honorable henry t. fleming
be seated.
if your honor please,
for the first matter,
the state would call...
case number 577-46898,
state v. robert wenke.
[ man ]
mr. wenke, may i ask you
to step forward, please ?
[ briefcase clattering ]
and how many times have you been
before the bench, mr. wenke ?
three times, your honor.
once for assault,
once for arson,
once for grand larceny,
and now we have...
indecent exposure.
what's the matter,
mr. wenke ?
can't you decide...
what you want to be
when you grow up ?
[ spectators laughing ]
got anything to say ?
yes, your honor.
i'm a loyal colts fan.
[ laughing ]
you are also a revolting,
despicable scum of the earth,
who should be taken out
and squashed like a cockroach.
judge fleming, i object.
my client has not been
found guilty yet.
you're absolutely right,
counselor.  let's see,
it's now 9:40--
at 9:41 he will be guilty.
[ spectators murmuring ]
[ minute hand clicks ]
i find the defendant,
ronald wenke, guilty as charged.
sentence to be imposed
at a later time.
at this time, your honor,
i would request that
mr. wenke's bail be continued.
- bail is revoked.
- thank you, your honor.
[ prosecutor ]
if your honor please,
the state will now call...
indictment number
that was good.
that was very good work.
i want to thank you
for your counsel.
very nice.  colts
...И правосудие для всех ...И правосудие для всех

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