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...И правосудие для всех

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[ coughing ]
be seated !
so it's really
very simple.
we have a judge,
a symbol of justice here...
who's accused...
of raping and brutally beating
this young girl right here.
now, we can do
something about it,
and we can do it today,
and we can do it together.
let's make this
our goal-line stand.
just give me a verdict
of guilty.
i need your help.
thank you.
[ applause ]
prosecutor's completed
his opening statement.
defense counsel ready ?
yes, your honor.
your honor, mr. foreman,
ladies and gentleman
of the jury,
my name is arthur kirkland,
and i am the defense counsel...
for the defendant,
judge henry t. fleming.
now that man over there,
he's the prosecuting attorney,
and he couldn't be
happier today.
he is a happy man today...
because today he's going
after a judge.
and if he gets him--
if he gets him,
he's gonna be a star.
he's gonna have his name
in this month'slaw review,
"lawyer of the month."
now, in order
to win this case,
he needs... you.
you're all he's got.
believe me.
so he's counting on tapping
that emotion in you which says,
"let's get somebody in power.
let's get a judge."
however, these proceedings
are not about that.
these proceedings are here
to see that justice is done.
and justice is,
as any reasonable person
would tell ya,
the finding of the truth.
and what is
the truth today ?
one truth--
a tragic one--
is that that girl
has been beaten
and raped.
another truth is
that the prosecution
doesn't have a witness,
does not have one piece
of substantiating evidence...
other than the testimony
of the victim herself.
another truth is
that my client voluntarily--
and the prosecution
is well aware of this fact--
voluntarily took
a lie detector test--
objection, your honor,
that's inadmissible evidence !
objection !
- come on, arthur.
- he told the truth.
the jury will disregard
that remark.
polygraph tests
have not been proven
100 percent reliable,
therefore, inadmissible
in a court of law.
sorry, your honor.
let's get back to justice.
what is justice ?
what is the intention
of justice ?
the intention of justice
is to see that the guilty people
are proven guilty...
and that the innocent
are freed.
simple, isn't it ?
only it's not that simple.
however, it is
the defense counselor's duty...
to protect the rights
of the individual,
as it is
the prosecution's duty...
to uphold and defend
the laws of the state.
justice for all.
only we have a problem here.
you know what it is ?
both sides wanna win.
we wanna win.
we wanna win,
regardless of the truth,
and we wanna win
regardless of justice,
regardless of who's guilty
or innocent.
is everything.
that man there wants
a win so badly today.
it means so much to him.
he is so carried away
with the prospect
of winning,
the idea...
that he forgot something...
that's absolutely essential
to today's proceedings.
he forgot his case.
he forgot to bring it.
i don't know.
i don't see it.  do you ?
the prosecution's case--
he's gotta have one.
not a witness !
not one piece of
substantiating evidence...
other than the testimony
of the victim herself.
ladies and gentlemen
of the jury,
i have a case
to end all cases.
[ sighs ]
i have witnesses
for my client.
i have character references,
that are backed up
from here to washington d.c.
- i got lie detector tests--
- [ both ]  objection !
objection sustained.
sit down, frank.
mr. kirkland,
you are out of order !
one thing...
that bothered me--
the one thing
that stayed in my mind,
and i couldn't get rid of it,
that haunted me...
was why.
why would she lie ?
what was her motive
for lying ?
if my client is innocent,
she's lying.
why ?
was it blackmail ?
was it jealousy ?
yesterday i found out why.
[ sniffles ]
she doesn't have a motive.
you know why ?
because she's not lying.
and ladies and
...И правосудие для всех ...И правосудие для всех

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