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...И правосудие для всех

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why not ?
who says you gotta be sane
to practice law ?
[ laughing ]
come on, carl,
what's going on ?
what do you want ?
i got a little present for ya.
you know, favor for favor.
give him the pictures.
there you have it.
it's the head
of the ethics committee,
judge fleming
and the hooker.
[ laughing ]
she takes a good
picture, huh ?
[ continues laughing ]
what do you think ?
that take care
of my legal fees
for the next two years ?
oh, carl.
take the pictures.
it's a token
of my appreciation.
oh, my, my.
look, arthur, come on.
these photographs
are disgusting,
but they're not proof
that fleming
raped leah shepard.
he did it.
the son of a bitch
is guilty.
he's guilty.
okay, okay.
then drop the case.
i can't.
why not ?
because the man
with the whip
is blackmailing me.
he's blackmailing you ?
what for ?
a long time ago, i betrayed
a client's confidence.
it's a long story, gail.
that's why zinoff
pulled your file.
what do you--
what do you mean ?
after you walked out
on the committee,
we did a check on you.
a check on me ?
yeah, zinoff requested it.
i had no idea why.
wait, wait, wait, wait.
you mean to tell me,
while we were
sleeping together,
you and the fellas
were making decisions
on my life ?
arthur !
gail, on my life ?
would you just let me
finish, please ?
the next thing i knew,
zinoff stepped in,
he said he wanted
to personally review
your case.
i swear to god, arthur,
i had no idea.
this whole thing stinks !
okay, arthur, if you feel
that way about it,
then fight 'em.
go ahead.
go up against them,
take the consequences.
the consequences ?
the consequences are that
i'll be disbarred, gail.
i know that.  that's right.
i'm a lawyer.
that's all i know.
then do it.  defend fleming.
you'll win the case.
no disbarment, right ?
you'll end up being
a very important lawyer.
the judge is guilty...
w-w-wait a minute.
of beating and raping
a woman.
wait !  you're talking crazy.
you don't know he's guilty.
you're making an assumption
he's guilty because you hate him
so much, right ?
even if he is,
what difference does it make ?
come on.
a defense lawyer has to
defend people who are guilty.
you know that.
would you defend him ?
if you were me,
would you do it ?
i would, arthur, 'cause
it's my job, you know ?
look, you took an oath
to defend your clients
to the best of your ability.
now, if you can't do that,
then get out.
where'd you get these ?
i've been carrying 'em around
for a couple of days.
i'd like to know
what they mean.
i see the wheels spinning.
sex photos, sex crime.
is he guilty ?
is he ?
what about the polygraph ?
the eyewitness ?
how'd you do that ?
those were taken care of
for me.
so-- so now you have it.
well, i'll see you
in court, arthur.
oh, you forgot these.
so you're home
on leave.
arthur's in
the coast guard.
i don't understand.
he's gettin' worse.
it depends.
he comes, he goes.
you didn't come
for three weeks.
he missed you very much.
oh, yeah, well,
i was busy, arnie.
you know, i had
the trial and all.
i know, i know.
it's important to you.
but you missed three tuesdays,
so he lost his sense of time.
you know, arnie,
i don't know what i'd do
if he goes.
he's the only family
i got.
he's very proud of you.
i'm a lawyer
because of him.
he wanted it for me,
and he made sure i got it.
to him,
being a lawyer was
the finest thing
you could be.
[ groaning ]
[ groaning continues ]
[ knocking ]
- your honor,
court's about to begin.
- [ coughing ]
coming !
[ spits ]
coming !
[ crowd chattering ]
you must admit,
she's an attractive woman.
i wouldn't mind seeing her
again some time.
you're gonna be fine.
take the stand.
answer simply and directly.
silence !
all rise !
all persons having matters
before this court draw near
and give your attention !
the honorable
francis rayford
...И правосудие для всех ...И правосудие для всех

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