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...И правосудие для всех

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sir, could you tell us
what's going on ?
please give us your statement.
how many hostages inside ?
how many ?
[ overlapping chattering ]
please, just a statement.
that's all we want.
move out of the way.
move out of the way.
move back.
how many hostages
is he holding ?
you take the back.
the clinic doctor felt he was
well enough to be sent back
to his cell and was signing--
look, i'm not sure what
happened, but all of a sudden,
mccullaugh had a gun.
these guards, i don't know
where they come from.
no training, no education.
and motivation ?  forget it.
i hope you've got this thing
under control.  i don't want
anything crazy happening.
we're doing what we can.
we can't sit on this for long.
there are too many
goddamn criminals
in this building.
[ chattering ]
get those nurses
off the floor.
excuse me, warden.
i'm sorry, but i couldn't
hold onto him any longer.
he had to go back.
he had to, huh ?
look, look, that's not
even the point.
i'm surprised he's even awake.
i loaded him up on tranqs
before it was time to leave.
jeff !  jeff !
it's me, jeff,
hi, mr. kirkland.
hi.  uh--
how you doing ?
oh, pretty good.
how you doing ?
i'm all right.
can i come in here
a little further, jeff ?
where are you ?
i'm out here
in the hallway.
i can't see you.
- you can't see me ?
can you see me now ?
- uh-uh.
i'm over here, jeff,
in the hallway.
can you see me ?
can you see me ?
could i come in,
you think ?
um, yeah, i guess so.
okay, i'm coming in.
so, uh, what's new ?
[ chuckles ]
you know,
the usual.
[ mumbles ]
oh, man.
jeff, this is crazy.
you know ?
i know.
i mean, me,
taking hostages.
that's what's
really crazy.
you know, i don't know
what the hell i'm doing.
it took me 40 minutes
to tie these guys up,
'cause i couldn't figure out
how to make a good knot.
i mean, would you know
how to do that ?
i don't know.
i guess i would--
i-- i don't know.
i guess you-you make
a square knot.
and that's the easiest.
i don't know.
would you like to take a look
to see if i did these okay ?
oh, yeah, sure, jeff.
look at that knot.
oh, well,
you sure tied 'em.
they're good knots, jeff.
tell them not to come in here !
i don't want anybody in here !
get out !  get out !
[ whimpers ]
oh, jeff.
oh, jeff, now look.
jeff, you can't win this thing.
you understand me ?
you can't win.
jeff, this is their thing.
they gear up for this kind
of thing, jeff.  please.
i can't stand it anymore.
they raped me.
a whole bunch of times.
and other stuff too.
[ sobbing ]
[ dispatcher chattering ]
all right,
take your positions.
[ sobbing continues ]
hey, jeff.
jeff.  jeff !
can i move closer, jeff ?
can i move
a little closer ?
i guess so.
just down here.
i wanna talk to you.
hey, listen to me, jeff.
i don't know what to tell you.
i just don't know
what to tell you.
anything i tell you,
you know ?
it's just-- it's just that
you gotta give up.
give up ?
to who ?
yeah, jeff,
you gotta do it.
everybody screwed me.
who else is there ?
- would you go away, please ?
- oh, no, jeff.
that's all i want is just
this much free space.
just this much,
that's all i want.
i swear to god.
jeff, i swear to god,
it'll be all right.
you did what you could,
mr. kirkland, but nothing makes
sense anymore.  not in here.
- what are you gonna do, jeff ?
- nothing.  i don't
have to do anything.
-you can't just sit there, jeff.
-yes, i can !
that's all i want to do
is just sit here.
- okay.
- it's cold in here.
- you want my coat, jeff ?
- and my legs.  oh, god.
my legs are cramping so bad
i can hardly move 'em.
i'll give you my coat.
- ow !
-stay down !
[ screaming ]
[ whispering ]
[ honking ]
hey, arthur.
come on in.
it's sunday, carl.
hey, come on in.
i wanna show you something.
what's up ?
your partner's
coming back, i hear.
they gonna let him
practice again ?
...И правосудие для всех ...И правосудие для всех

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