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...И правосудие для всех

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before the court.
stand up.
on the basis--
and take off that wig.
on the basis of this report,
i sentence you to a term
of three years...
in the custody of
the department of corrections.
mr. kirkland said
i'd be out on probation.
mr. kirkland--
mr. kirkland said
i'd be out on probation !
your honor, i'd like to call
your attention to some
corrections in that report.
you are familiar with the proper
proceedings for appeal.
yes, i am.  however--
now i'd like
to move things along here.
[ bailiff ]
another case, your honor:
state of maryland versus della.
-[ brakes squealing ]
- what, are you crazy ?
arthur !  my car !
arthur, damn you !
back off, arthur !
damn it !
watch out for the car !
arthur, knock it off !
for crying out loud !
what are you, nuts ?
get out !
for christ's sake,
stop it, arthur !
get out !
back off,
and i'll get out.
what the hell's wrong with you ?
what do you think
you're doing to my car ?
tell me about it.
you tell me about agee.
come on, warren,
tell me about it.
it got by me.
it got by you ?
it got by you ?
it got by you !
got by you !
damn it !
jesus !  now listen !
just stay away
from the car !
agee did not
have to go to jail !
do you understand ?
he did not have to go
to jail !
so he gets out on probation
in ten months !
listen, that's not
all my fault !
you know i don't like
those penny-ante bullshit cases.
i was doing you a favor !
favor ?
what kind of favor ?
it's nickel and dime, arthur !
it's all nickel and dime !
don't you care ?
warren, don't you even care ?
if you cared so much,
why weren't you
in that courtroom ?
you're goddamn right i care.
but not about them !
they're people, warren.
you know ?
they're people.
they're just people.
if he's not in jail this week,
he'll be in jail next week.
[ mumbles ]
oh, arthur, goddamn it !
you know probation's at fault.
appeal it.
i can't appeal it !
he's dead !
he's dead !
half hour after they put him
in the lockup,
he hanged himself !
he--  goddamn it !
i'm sorry.
goddamn it !
i'm sorry, i--
goddamn it !
[ water splashing ]
judge ?
judge ?
yeah ?
i, uh-- i spoke with
the state's attorney's office,
and they're gonna go ahead
with an indictment.
who'd you talk to ?
frank bowers.
well, he's right.
if we don't go into court
on this, it would look like
a political maneuver.
i want everything
out in the open.
i'm very pleased, arthur.
yeah.  okay.
what about mccullaugh ?
i need your ruling
on my motion for a new trial.
what about it, judge ?
the groundwork is all prepared.
we should have a date
any time now.
what are you talking about,
groundwork ?
what are you doing, judge ?
jerking me off here ?
all i need is a "yes"
or a "no" on my motion.
tell mccullaugh to be patient.
- patient ?
- what ?  what'd you say ?
patient ?  what are you
talking about, patient ?
judge, judge, this is not a case
of monetary damages, judge.
this is a human being
we're talking about, okay ?
this is a boy who's in prison,
frightened out of him mind,
fighting every day for his life.
i can't tell him
to be patient.
prison should be
a frightening place.
let those criminals create
their own hellhole.
are you crazy ?
what are you talking
to me about ?
i tell you, arthur, the idea
of punishment to fit the crime
doesn't work.
we need unjust punishment !
hang somebody
for armed robbery !
try it.
we've got nothing to lose.
do you understand
what i'm saying to you,
for god sake ?
you don't, do you ?
[ sighs ]
you fellas with your fancy ideas
of rehabilitation.
i tell you that the concept
of rehabilitation is a farce.
do you honestly think that--
that bringing johnny cash
into prisons
to sing railroad songs...
is gonna
rehabilitate anyone ?
most people are sick
and tired of mugging
and crime in the streets.
do you hear what
i'm telling you, arthur ?
arthur ?  arthur !
come on, let's move !
let's go !
...И правосудие для всех ...И правосудие для всех

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