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...И правосудие для всех

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if you saw him again ?
no.  no, it was too dark,
too-too far.
you knew about this publicity
this case has been getting ?
newspapers about
judge fleming and all ?
oh, yeah, sure.
and you knew this information.
how come you didn't report it
to the police ?
i went to the police.
i went down there and told them
i had information for them,
and they told me to wait there
on the bench.
i waited and hour, two hours,
three hours.
finally, turned around,
went home.  i left.
i couldn't spend
the whole night there.
you know leah shepard,
mr. reisler ?
oh, to say, you know,
to wave to her, say hello.
would you testify
what you just said
in court ?
i guess i would
if i had to,
but i'll tell ya,
i really don't wanna
get involved.
and then what happened,
officer ?
i told him to move on,
but he continued to use
profanity, and he refused
to leave the premises.
what sort of profanity ?
you know, the normal kind.
officer leary,
we've all heard
these words before.
now, for the record,
what did he say ?
he used "fuck" a lot,
[ chuckling ]
and "piss on you"...
and said he was
going to "bunghole"
the short order chef,
was gonna "cream"
on the waitress.
[ laughing continues ]
stuff like that,
your honor.
there's a very good reason
for all that, your honor.
oh ?
what is that ?
- i'm a diabetic.
-[ laughter ]
i fail to see the connection.
i've never heard of diabetes
causing foul language.
that's because
you're a douche bag.
make sure this man gets over
to the hospital this afternoon
for psychiatric evaluation.
i will withhold a verdict
pending a medical report.
son of a bitch.
day in, day out,
the same goddamn thing.
most of these people
belong in a mental home,
for christ's sakes.
that judge is slower
than the 6:00 news.
so what can you
do for me ?
a year.
what ?  are you kidding ?
i thought it was bargain day.
make it six months,
and i think he'll buy it.
all right.  what else you got ?
mm, 18 months.
eighteen months ?
good luck.
you tell him.
the son of a bitch is crazy.
he'd just as soon snap
your neck.
all right, tell him a year.
the offer's only good for today.
oh, frank, come on.
he's got beady eyes.
he's a maniac.
last week, he got mad,
he bit off two of
his cell mate's fingers.
i don't have the nerve
to tell him he's gotta spend
a year in jail.
that's the best i can do.
i'm just not in a good mood,
you know ?
- frank.
- yeah, here i am.
is that it ?
yeah, that's it.
i'll have to get back to you
on fenwick.
gotta talk to you.
i got a case
coming up here, art.
and then what happened,
mr. saltzman ?
[ mumbles ]
this punk kept pulling
my wife's purse,
and she wouldn't let go.
so i tried to get him off.
he pushes me aside,
and then he knocks...
my wife into a wall--
you want
the good news first ?
fleming passed the polygraph.
and i got an eyewitness.
in that case, your honor,
we will call the defendant
to the stand.
very well.
and as far as
your star witness goes--
leah shepard--
well, we know about her
and her credibility.
so you want me to throw
the whole fleming thing
out the window, is that it ?
i got you by the balls,
he's innocent.
he's innocent.
yeah, well,
if the d.a.'s office
drops this case now,
everybody's gonna be
screaming political deal.
the old lady kept hanging on.
she lets go of that purse,
i'm on my way.
but, ma'am, she just
kept hanging on.  i don't
mean no harm or nothing.
but you're the one
who's gonna come out of this
looking like a jerk.
well, maybe,
but let me tell you
something, arthur.
if this is one of
your run-of-the-mill
saturday night killings,
maybe we could deal.
i'm not dealing with you.
this is too hot.
this is not a trade-off.
[ chattering ]
any further questions
from the state ?
what the hell
are you doing ?
this is a dream !
it's a dream come true.
you're not gonna spoil it.
when i get fleming down,
...И правосудие для всех ...И правосудие для всех

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