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...И правосудие для всех

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happens now ?
they prepare a report,
present it to the judge,
and in 15 days,
you should be put
on probation.
"should be."
mr. kirkland, i got to be.
don't worry, you'll be okay.
you'll be okay.
[ car horn honking ]
[ honking continues ]
arthur !
arthur, where you goin' ?
uh, my office.
come on in.
i'll take you.
it's a new one, huh ?
yeah, you like it ?
arthur ?
i got a problem.
yeah ?  yeah, what ?
this young girl, it's--
not again, carl.
i think it's
a paternity suit.
[ groans ]
well, you know me, arthur.
so is jay
letting his hair grow back,
or is he keeping it shaved ?
he shaves it every day.
he carries around
a battery-operated razor,
keeps runnin' it
over his head
all day long.
sounds pretty bad.
he's not all right, is he ?
he's all right.
he'll be all right.
you know, arthur,
the committee's considering
calling him in.
don't look at me like that.
his clients are complaining.
he's postponing his court dates,
he shaved his head,
he's got problems !
look, look, he's all right.
he's all right.
do you know what this whole
thing comes down to, don't you ?
what ?
every day defense lawyers
are out there...
protecting guilty people
and gettin' 'em off,
and they're not affected by it.
that's right.  mm-hmm.
it's not supposed to
affect them.
difference is that jay was
affected by it.  you see ?
he was hurt by it.
he was injured by it.
i understand that.
that is not the point !
isn't it ironic that the one
lawyer-- the only lawyer--
who felt something...
should be brought up
before your ethics committee ?
arthur, please stop trying to
make yourself out to be the only
sensitive person around here.
i know.  i know jay
was hurting.  i know that !
that's not the point !
the point is,
he is not functioning
properly because of it.
he's all right.
he just needs a little time,
that's all.
i've taken over
most of his court cases.
he's-he's puttin'
his emphasis on contracts.
now lay off him, okay ?
it's not up to me, arthur.
i'm just trying to let you know
what's going on.
i just love the way
the hierarchy works !
i mean,
you're goin' after guys
like jay or whoever,
and nobody is doing anything
about judge rayford,
who happens to be
a suicidal maniac.
rayford ?
rayford !
the man is bent
on killing himself.
it's no secret.
a court bailiff found him
in his chambers trying
to hang himself once.
you know where he spends
his lunch every day ?
outside his window
on the ledge,
four stories high.
now this is a man
who's making value decisions
on people's lives every day.
wait a minute !
now, his personal behavior
is not affecting his work.
oh, you know that for sure ?
yes, i've worked with him.
he's an excellent judge !
-and jay's an excellent lawyer !
-i know.  hewas
an excellent lawyer.
that's not the point.
the point is...
his problems are affecting
his ability to serve
his clients,
and that's why the committee
wants to see him.
[ sighs ]
[ both sighing ]
oh, god.
you know,
there are times...
when i'm not too sure
i like you.
i mean, we are
so opposite...
how we feel
about things, gail.
maybe that's good.
that's perfect,
right ?
as long as we just keep
a little friction between us,
no problems.
no problems.
that's all the photos
in the fleming case.
and here's the name and address
of a witness that lives
in leah shepard's neighborhood.
he thinks you oughta
see this guy yourself.
what's this say ?
reisler ?  "riesler" ?
yeah, reisler.
she's a little constipated,
i think.  she's got
that look on her face.
you say you saw somebody
go into leah shepard's house
the night she was attacked ?
can you describe
that person to me ?
well, i'd say he was
a young fella,
small build,
maybe about 5'6", 5'7",
something like that.
cherry ?
no, no, thanks.
small fella, huh ?
would you be able
to identify him
...И правосудие для всех ...И правосудие для всех

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