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...И правосудие для всех

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the best i can do.
you have to be kiddin' me.
well, it's the best
i can do.
what am i supposed to do ?
i don't know.  you're gonna
have to hang in, that's all.
just gonna have to take care
of yourself.
take care of myself ?
mr. kirkland, i got myself
locked up in solitary just
to get away from some guys.
i don't know how to fight.
you read in the paper about all
these guys gettin' let out of
prison 'cause it's too crowded.
and here i am,
and i didn't do nothin'.
if that don't beat all.
[ sighs ]
i know, i know, i know it, jeff.
you can't lose hope.
you understand me ?
you can't lose hope.
[ prison cell door slamming ]
happy thanksgiving.
i bet we're gonna have
good turkey.
of course we're gonna
have good turkey.
what are you talkin' about ?
where's your teeth ?
you gotta have your teeth
if you're gonna eat turkey.
where's your teeth,
grandpa ?
did i have my teeth
the last time
you were here ?
of course you had teeth.
you had teeth this morning.
[ chuckles ]
he don't remember so good.
what did i do with my teeth ?
he's very proud of you.
he's always talkin' about
how his grandson is gonna
become a lawyer.
oh, i wish he could remember
that i am a lawyer.
well, sometimes he does,
sometimes he doesn't.
what's the difference ?
he's still proud of you.
arnie, are you sure
i had my teeth this morning ?
yeah ?
i know you had teeth.
hey !
what's that ?
by the television.
[ groaning ]
all right.
i'm ready.
hope this friend of yours
won't mind me coming.
no, arnie.
no, this is thanksgiving.
it's an open house.  there are
gonna be a lot of people.
be all right.  be fine.
let me get this here.
okay, guys.
let's go, let's go.
i hope they don't have yams.
i hate yams.
[ chattering ]
i can't eat
off my knees.
what happened
to sitting at a table ?
you say,
"pass the salt.
a little more stuffing,
if you don't mind."
is it true
that fleming passed
the polygraph test ?
larry, that's
privileged information.
yeah, let's just say
i'm one of the privileged.
he did, didn't he ?
what's the odds on that ?
i mean, nobody wanted
to believe he was innocent.
i can't talk about that.
i could tell
this is catered.
turkey, i know.
what is this ?
what is it ?
excuse me.
go ahead, go ahead,
go ahead !
thank you.
go already.
what is this fancy thing
over here ?
you don't like it ?
you don't eat it.
ah !
[ laughing ]
i'll bet it's yams.
they're hiding the yams
so i'll eat it.
how are you ?
-is it jay ?
- what ?
what do you think,
arthur ?
hi, tom.
happy thanksgiving.
good to see you.
how are you ?
good to see you.
how are you ?
how are ya ?
good to see you.
hello, larry.
you're an asshole.
do you like it ?
it came to me during the night.
i gotta talk to you.
excuse me.
excuse me, marcie.
i'm coming back, and when i do,
you are allowed to pet it.
so what are you doing ?
what's goin' on ?
what do you mean, "nothin'" ?
what are you doing
with that head ?
where'd you get it ?
i shaved my head.
what for ?
change of pace.
shave your head
for a change of pace ?
jay ?
you see what it does ?
arthur, listen to me.
it's going to make it thick.
when this comes back,
it's gonna be thick.
what's bothering you, jay ?
don't play big brother,
all right ?
where's that marcie ?
will the defendant
please rise ?
i find the defendant
guilty of armed robbery.
i don't understand,
mr. kirkland.
what's going on ?
am i going to jail ?
i can't go.
your honor,
in light of the fact
that this is the defendant's
first major offense,
that he has
no prior criminal record,
that he's currently employed,
i am requesting
a presentence investigation.
- you foresee a favorable
probation report ?
- yes, your honor, i do.
make note
that a probation report
is to be drawn up...
and presented to this court
within 15 days.
the sentencing will be withheld
until that time.
...И правосудие для всех ...И правосудие для всех

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