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...И правосудие для всех

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named ernest drago ?
sure.  yeah, drago.
yeah.  what about him ?
well, you gave information to
the police on the q.t. that led
to his arrest and conviction.
drago was anut !
drago was insane.
he used to sit in my office
and rattle off to me...
some of the most grotesque
fantasies you can imagine.
i handled him one time
on a burglary charge and used to
hear that stuff every day.
he would tell me these fantasies
and one of his favorites was:
what would happen
if he stuck a firecracker
in somebody's mouth ?
yeah, that was
one of his favorites.
so i read in the newspapers...
that there was
this-this-this nut...
who was holding people up
with a gun, forcing
cherry bombs in their mouths.
i knew it was drago,
so i told the police.
the specifics don't matter.
by telling the police,
you didn't prevent a crime.
you betrayed a client.
you violated the code of ethics.
what the hell
are you talkin' about ?
what the hell
is going on here ?
arthur, they want you.
you're a very principled,
ethical lawyer...
with no political ties.
[ sighing ]
i tell ya.
they wantme--
they want me to defend fleming
because of my moral integrity,
and if i don't defend him,
they're gonna have me disbarred
for bein' unethical ?
look, arthur.  put aside
your personal feelings.
take the case.
you've worked too hard.
come on,
don't throw your career away.
i can't believe this.
i tell ya,
i just don't believe it.
[ engine whirring ]
judge, i want mccullaugh freed.
- nothing can be done.
- now i don't buy that, judge.
just reopen the case.
that's all i'm askin'.
reopen the case
and give me a crack at a jury.
i'll get him acquitted.
now, look,
you are in no position
to ask for anything.
but... i'll see
what i can do to help.
perhaps there's an exception
to the statute.
okay, so ?
uh, why don't you tell me
about the girl ?
this leah shepard ?
can you tell me anything
about her ?
[ sighs ]
what do you want to know ?
i saw her on a couple
of occasions.  she works
over at city hall.
did you have sex with her
the first date ?
yes, i did.
first and second time.
that's why this whole thing
makes no sense to me.
well, what do you think
happened to her ?
i assure you
that i did not rape her,
but i really don't know.
maybe some angry boyfriend
showed up after i left.
"angry boyfriend"--
that's a little mild,
don't you think ?
i mean, she wasn't just raped.
she was sadistically beaten
and sodomized.
that goes a little bit
beyond an angry boyfriend.
you're right.
you're right.
i'm sorry.
[ sighs ]
i-- i don't know how
i got into this thing.
i've been involved
in the law
for over 30 years,
and i tell you,
i can't find five people
out there...
who are willing to believe
that i'm innocent--
not five of 'em !
will you take
a lie detector test ?
why ?  polygraph is not
admissible evidence.
i know.  i just--
i-i would like you to do it.
i'll think about it.
no, no, no, no, no.
i said that i would
think about it.
you can't do this.
no, no, i need a polygraph...
to prepare your case.
if i'm gonna be your lawyer--
ifyou're going
to be my lawyer ?
mr. kirkland,
youaremy lawyer.
i know, i'm your lawyer.
i'm your lawyer.
i know that.
and as your lawyer,
there are certain demands
i'm gonna have to--
as i said to you before,
you don't ask for anything,
you don't demand anything.
now, sit down.  we've got
a lot of work to do.
i said, sit down.
[ ticking ]
leave it out here.
gimme a kiss.
all right.
now one for you, my man.
all right.
[ chattering ]
jeff, what happened
to you ?
some-- somebody beat me up.
what-what for ?
i don't know.
i didn't ask.
listen, jeff,
i talked to fleming.
and, uh, we're gonna
work something out.
we're gonna get you
outta here.
when ?
well, it's gonna take
a couple of weeks, jeff.
three weeks, tops.
i promise you,
i'll get you out by then.
three weeks ?
three weeks.
...И правосудие для всех ...И правосудие для всех

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