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Единственный сын

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No, here we're all the same.
That's Tokyo.
But there are many
who succeed in Tokyo.
Only a few.
Still, there are.
You came to Tokyo to succeed, too.
I know. But it's not easy.
I don't like the way you think.
I don't want you to give up.
I worked hard...
because I wanted you to succeed.
It kept me going.
It was something to live for.
But the way you think isn't right.
I didn't tell you, but...
I no longer have a house.
I sold my house and land...
everything is gone.
I haven't told you
but I live in a factory dormitory.
It doesn't matter if you're doing well.
I don't care about the house or land.
You're all I have now. But if...
you feel that way.
What will you become?
Will you live in Tokyo, too?
Where are you from?
I know all the prefectural capitals.
Niigata in Niigata Pref.
Gifu in Gifu Pref.
About Yamanashi Pref.
It produces silk.
Mom wants me to buy tofu again. Bye!
Use this and take Mom somewhere.
The weather is nice.
Take her somewhere.
She didn't come
just to nurse her grandson.
How did you get it?
I sold my kimono.
I never wear it.
You go, too!
Don't mind your clothes.
Ask a neighbor to look after our house.
Let's go!
Tme to study!
Lend me your mitt.
Stingy! You never lend it to me.
Hey, come!
I can go and come back like this.
Lend me your mitt.
Will you see to our houses?
Why not?
Sorry to trouble you.
Tomi got kicked by a horse.
What happened to him?
In back of Shige's house.
See a doctor!
He wanted a mitt so badly.
I should have bought him one.
Mom, buy me a ball.
I feel sorry!
But staying here, he'll get better
in a few days.
Use this money.
It's all right. We must help one another.
I'll send Sugiko to help you.
Thank you!
Thank you very much, Mrs. Nonomiya.
You're always kind.
Don't mention it. I'm glad it's not serious.
Take care!
Mom, buy me a ball!
I'm sorry for what happened.
It ruined your visit.
It's all right.
Instead, I'm proud to have you
as my son.
This wouldn't have happened...
wherever you would have taken me.
When poor, you appreciate things
like that well.
I know, because I was poor, too.
Maybe it's good that
you couldn't get rich.
I'm proud of you.
It's the best souvenir I can take home.
How is he?
He left the hospital today.
Thanks for everything.
I'm glad to hear it.
Mom sent you her regards.
Did she go home?
Yes. I saw her off.
Is that so? I wanted to
thank her personally.
She was so kind to us.
I tried to stop her
but she likes it better home.
I wonder how far Mom has gone.
Do you think she likes me?
Don't worry about it.
Did she go home satisfied?
I don't think so.
Actually, I didn't want her
to come to Tokyo.
I didn't want her to see us like this.
You agree?
I wouldn't be happy, either
if my son was a mere
night school teacher.
Use this money to buy something
for my grandson.
I'll study again.
I'll get a certificate.
And I'll invite my mother again.
He won't be a baby forever.
I want him to play a big game.
You're lucky to have
such a good mother.
How was it in Tokyo?
Tokyo is such a big city.
There were so many
people everywhere.
It was like a giant festival.
And, how is your son?
He's become a great man.
Is that so?
You had a rough time for his sake.
He's found a good wife, too.
I have no more worries.
I think I can die without regrets.
You're a lucky woman.
Единственный сын

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