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Единственный сын

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If I'd known you have a family
I'd have brought a gift for them.
I'm well.
That's nice.
How's Mr. Okubo?
He's fine as usual.
Shall we go see him?
Yes. I'd like to see him.
Let's do so. He'll be surprised.
Have another?
It tastes different.
Here we are.
This is a surprise!
Please come in.
I'm overwhelmed.
Come in. Give her a cushion.
I'm glad you came.
It's been a long time.
When did you get in?
Yesterday morning.
Is that so?
It's been ages.
Sorry I haven't written to you.
I often hear about your from Ryosuke.
But, as you see...
Anyhow, I'm glad you came.
Ryosuke, will you give me a towel?
Soap is sometimes too harsh!
It's been so long
I guess the old town has changed.
The riverbanks where
you played with him...
are all concrete now.
Is that so?
I remember the beautiful flowers there.
A big new auditorium too.
In Tokyo we can even hear
mountain birds chirping.
I heard it, too!
I wish I could go home once in a while,
maybe in spring.
What's wrong?
They bullied me.
What a boy!
My second son.
Stop crying!
Bow to the guests!
I know this isn't the proper way
to train him.
But it's the easiest way, so...
Children are like that.
How old is he?
He's really just a child.
Aren't you busy?
Not really.
I never thought I'd have to do this
in Tokyo.
Things go only as they're destined.
My wife.
Ryosuke's mother.
She gave us this.
My fourth.
He looks bright.
You have a grandson now.
It's nice, isn't it?
Something to stop babies
from crying at night.
Is that the one?
Put it upside down.
This is the talkie.
Isn't it too noisy here for her to sleep?
The rent's cheap. Can't help it.
What about after tomorrow?
We spent most of our money.
So we did.
Welcome back!
The public bath here is nice. Thank you.
Was it crowded?
I'm tired.
You walked a lot. Shall I massage you?
Shall I do it?
Don't bother. Make some tea.
Your hands are big now.
Feel good? Like it stronger?
I saw many places today.
I visited Asakusa Temple,
Ueno Park and...
What impressed her most was...
the big temple lantern.
Such a huge lantern!
Have you tried Chinese noodles?
They're good.
Let me massage you.
The temple was so big!
Three, please!
Put in some meat.
Good evening!
I heard your mother came.
She came so abruptly I'm in a fix.
Here you are.
Excuse me.
Eat it while it's hot.
Have some, Mom.
I will, thanks.
Where shall we go tomorrow?
Let's see. You've already
spent lots of money.
No. Where shall we go?
The soup's good, too.
Good, right?
That's an incinerator.
Lots of garbage every day.
Mom, do you like Sugiko?
Sure. She's a nice person.
I worried if you'd like her.
What did you think about me?
Are you disappointed?
Because even I'm not satisfied...
with what I am now.
I wish I hadn't come to Tokyo.
I'm sorry I disappoint you too.
I shouldn't have caused you hardship.
Why? Why is that?
Is that what you think?
Your life's only beginning.
I think so, too.
But maybe I've reached...
the end of a small game.
Don't weaken. It's bad!
I wish I'd stayed with you.
Skylarks are singing.
What's wrong?
I can't sleep.
Why not?
It's late. Get some sleep.
Can't forget what I said?
Go to sleep.
You're disappointed, aren't you?
But I did my best.
Your hardship encouraged me.
But a night school teacher
was all I could become.
I'm not happy with myself.
But I don't know what better job
I can get.
Aren't you too young
to give up like this?
I haven't given up!
I'm trying!
But trying in Tokyo...
is useless.
Don't jump at conclusions.
I've never once given up!
It wasn't easy for a woman
to send her son...
to college in Tokyo.
I don't want you to get frustrated.
Maybe you think I'm a coward.
But Mr. Okubo was ambitious, too...
when he came to Tokyo.
And look how he ends up now?
As a man who fries cutlets.
This is Tokyo.
Единственный сын Единственный сын

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