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- What?
- Another delivery.
Go in there!
Angela. Angela. Talk to me.
- He's comin', honey.
- So soon?
- Louise, wheelchair!
- What?
- Why didn't you tell somebody?
- I wanted you.
Oh, well, you got me.
You got me.
- It hurts.
- It won't be long now.
Do you want Louise
to call the father?
What's the point?
He's long gone.
- Does he know it?
- Oh, yeah.
He sent me a dozen roses and
an autographed picture with the band!
All right, breathe, honey.
Just breathe.
- Prepare number two.
- You want an epidural?
- You want natural childbirth?
- I want drugs! I want drugs!
We've got a little baby girl.
Look at her.
You did it.
Isn't she gorgeous?
- Daddy loves you.
- I can't believe you did it.
Oh, hello.
Hello, little one.
Oh, she's beautiful!
I'm so proud of you.
Hello. I'm your mum.
Just a little bit more.
It's a boy!
- Is he okay?
- Oh, yeah, ten fingers.
Ten toes. Okay,
he'll be right there.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's your mommy.
Look at that baby.
Hello, little beauty.
Hello, beauty.
I'm your mama.
Yes, it's your mama.
And I'm your...
Could we give it
another chance, Ange?
Oh, yeah.
I'm your dad.
I'm your dad.
You're my boy.
You're my big boy.
What should we call her?
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday
dear Jake and Junior
Happy birthday to you
He's a big boy.
You're supposed to eat with your hands,
not with your feet.
- That's a baby.
- There you go.
- Those kids need something to drink.
- Don't lift anything, honey.
- I'm not lifting it. I'm dragging it.
- Let me get it.
- Let me do it.
- How you feelin'?
Fine. Fine.
- Well, I might need to pee again.
- I don't miss that part.
Me, neither.
You have to have another, Angela.
Jake needs a little brother or sister.
Yeah. Sure, I'd like to, but I don't
know if I can go through that again.
It doesn't necessarily
have to be you.
Oh, no!
It is the most wonderful experience.
I had such a wonderful time.

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