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recurring feeling that I know you.
- You do know me.
- Yes. I know.
No, but I mean...
I mean from before,
somehow, from earlier.
I can't...
I was born in Jakarta.
And raised in England,
from the age of five in Kent...
and summers in Cornwall.
What are you looking at?
I was... I was born in Austria
in Gelandensprung.
- Home to the strudelhunds.
- Yes.
Well, I've never...
I've never actually
been to Gelandensprung.
Salzburg, once.
Delicious chocolates.
Good-looking waiters.
- Alex.
- Yes?
You're twitching.
What's the matter?
- Does my body disgust you?
- What?
My body.
Is it disgusting?
No. No.
No. What wou... Oh!
No! No, I mean,
I-I-I like...
upholstery on a man.
In fact, I was madly in love
with my cousin, Trevor, for years...
and he was very portly.
Maybe it's physical.
- This connection.
- Yes. No, it is, definitely physical.
Out of the blue, I get these sudden,
these pangs of concern for your...
for your well...
You mean... sex?
I hadn't thought of that.
I have.
Have you?
Well, then, that's, uh...
- That's probably it then, isn't it?
- Yes.
No, wait.
Wait. If I...
Hello? Lar?
I let myself in.
- Where's Larry?
- He's out.
Found it. Found it.
There we go. It's in.
Contact lens.
Just flipped out, right over the sofa.
- Who's that?
- Dr. Diana Reddin. Nice to meet you.
Going now. Bye.
Good, you were right.
- Very good. Bye.
- Wait, Diana.
- Yes?
- I have my own bedroom.
I'd love to see it sometime.
I can't stay.
I have to go.
Got it. Got it.
Do you ever think about
calling before you come over?
I'm sorry if I interrupted.
Man, what is that great smell?
I'm cooking.
You're cooking?
- What?
- Pasta.
- You want some more Rocky Road?
- Oh, yeah.
So, Diana. She seems
like a very nice person.
Definitely a little nervous, but nice.
You think it's serious?
Well, I'm in a particularly
vulnerable stage in my life right now...
- so I'm taking it slowly.
- That's very smart.
Can I have more
of those ribs?
How about you and the father?
I haven't heard from him
since it happened.
I never expected to hear from him.
I'm happy.
I love being pregnant.
It's just that I'm not 21 anymore.
I'm single.
- It's a little bit scary.
- Tell me about it.
I love those pickles.
There's a couple of chicken wings left.
Anybody ever tell you
that you eat like a pregnant woman?
I just like mixing cuisines.
Baby pushed.
What's wrong with you?
Sympathy pains.
I hardly know you.
You must be a very sympathetic guy.
Lately, yes.
- I think she really likes me.
- Oh, yeah?
What makes you say that?
Well, she said she likes
a little upholstery on a guy.
And she kissed me.
You're kissing?
Wait a minute, Alex.
You're in no condition
to start a relationship.
- Don't be so negative.
- What do you mean, negative?
Wait a minute.
I'm not negative.
So, what do ya think?
Couldn't find one
with a parrot on it?
It's nice. It's nice.
You know, Larry,
I'm starting to believe in fate.
My baby,
finding a compatible woman.
I think it's all part of a design.
Maybe I should
see a psychic.
We should both see him.
I hate my body.
Looking prosperous there.
- The pants are loose in the waist.
- I could take them in.
Better leave room to grow.
- That's a good idea.
- That's the spirit!
- I'll cuff 'em for you.
- Okay.
- What?
- Junior kicked again.
- Junior?
- Yeah.
- Why Junior?
- The book says to talk to the baby.
I didn't know if it's going to be a boy
or a girl, so I just called it Junior.
- Well, nothing. I was...
- It's something. You have that look.
No, the guy I got the egg from,
he called it Junior.
He was makin' a joke, you know,
just a funny coincidence.
Who is that guy? You said a colleague
of yours had an anonymous harvest.
- Yeah, a colleague of mine.
- Do I know him?
Nah, you don't know him.
- Do we know about the donor egg?
- No, it's anonymous.
Джуниор Джуниор

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