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joy and connection...
that carrying your baby brings,
you would understand.
Listen to you. Have you lost it
completely? Now, come inside.
If I carry this baby to term,
it will be a miracle.
Shut up!
I would love, protect and nurture
that miracle with everything I've got.
- Stop it!
- No! I want my baby!
Sorry I'm late.
We'll just be a couple of minutes,
then I'm ready.
Dr. Arbogast, your ex-wife's inside.
You're late for her appointment.
- Hello, Dr. Hesse.
- Come here, sit down.
- I don't want to sit around here.
- Sit down!
Right here.
There's nothin' to be afraid of.
He thinks he's pregnant.
It's a very fascinating case.
I'm workin' in conjunction with
the university's psychiatric center.
Auto-physiological suggestion.
- What's goin' on?
- Get in here.
- How ya doin'?
- How are ya? Nice to see ya.
- Oh, you're lookin' good.
- Thanks.
- Okay, you can go.
- That's it?
That's it.
Something very important came up.
- Larry, I'm important.
- You are. Very.
But this is urgent. Just get dressed
and we'll reschedule. Sorry.
So, how far along are you?
Twenty-one weeks.
- Is this your first?
- Yes.
Have you thought
of any names?
Junior if it is a boy.
And if it's a girl... Junior.
Oh, those are nice.
- So, how about you?
- Alex.
Excuse me.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
- Junior would be good.
- Junior's good.
There's the feet... and the hands.
This can't be happening.
But it is.
Oh, look, that
little string of pearls.
- That's the spine.
- That's the spine, yeah.
There's the head.
My baby.
Listen to this.
That's the heartbeat.
- That's very fast.
- 140 beats a minute.
Perfectly normal.
In fact, everything's
perfectly normal.
Except for the fact that
the mom is also the dad.
If this gets out, your life is over.
You're a freak.
My license?
Kiss it good-bye.
It's not gonna get out.
I know this is unfair to you.
And it's dangerous for both of us,
but I want my baby.
And I need your help.
Okay, but you got to move
back in with me.
I want you off your feet
as much as possible.
- And no goin' to the lab.
- But...
No buts about it.
You're in for a lot of sacrifices.
- You better get used to that.
- Okay.
So, otherwise, how you feelin'?
Anything unusual? Jesus,
what the heck am I talkin' about?
"Anything unusual?"
I've noticed that the side effects
of pregnancy are greatly amplified...
with the dosage of Expectane
that I've required.
The morning sickness,
the mood swings.
- Sleepiness, sexual appetite.
- Sexual appetite?
Yesterday, just scooping the middle
out of a honeydew melon gave me a...
- A steifen.
- A what?
Oh. That's normal.
I get 'em all the time.
- Here we go.
- It's nice to be back.
Yeah. It's going
to be a lot of fun.
- Do I have the same room again?
- You betcha.
What do you want to do tonight?
Should we stay in or go out for dinner?
Didn't I close down
the Expectane project six months ago?
Yes, sir.
Then why would Diana Reddin's account
show continuing requisitions...
for Expectane components?
Is she up to something
with Arbogast and Hesse?
I don't know, sir.
Larry, I'm not whining.
It's just that you said
you'd be home no later than 6:00.
It's 6:45. The pasta is ready.
In five minutes, they'll be soft.
Well, fine, then come home
whenever you want!
- Diana. Hi.
- Yes, it's me. Hello.
Someone gave me these papers
for you from the lab.
Thank you. Who?
I'm lying. I'm...
I just... Actually,
I just wanted to see you.
You did?
- Come in, please.
- Thank you.
I'm sorry I lied.
Oh, what a lovely room!
Very nice of Dr. Arbogast
to put you up.
- It is.
- Nice man.
How are you?
How are you feeling?
Good. Thank you. And you?
Good. Cooking?
- Yes.
- Smells very nice.
You want to sit down?
Alex, do you believe
in reincarnation...
past lives or...
anything like that?
- No.
- No, neither do I, so it can't be that.
Can't be what?
I have this strong
Джуниор Джуниор

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