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Sort of a guest host situation.
We fertilize the egg.
We implant it in
the peritoneal cavity.
Dose it with Expectane.
Tiny thing, grain of rice.
You carry it the first trimester.
We get our data. Boom, it's over.
Four "A."
To your left.
51 "F."
All the way back.
I'm gonna just go...
I guess I was wrong
about you, Hesse.
I took you for a scientist.
- I am a scientist.
- Yeah?
Where's your vision?
Jenner infected himself
with smallpox to test his vaccine.
- That's Jenner.
- So why not you?
Is it possible?
Who knows?
Natural? So what?
Good science? You bet.
Come and claim your place
in the pantheon.
You're just trying
to manipulate me.
Yes, I am. So what?
Excuse me, sir. I'm gonna have
to ask you to take your seat.
Yeah, all right.
Just a second.
Look, cards on the table.
I don't like you
any more than you like me.
You got all the warmth
and charm of a walleyed pike.
If we weren't partners...
But the point is,
we are partners.
We're on the verge
of something fantastic.
Something important.
I need you to carry it through
with me.
- This could really work.
- Yes, it could.
- Are you sure you can find an egg?
- No problem.
Okay, who's the lucky one?
Okay, Junior, let's go for a ride.
God. Dr. Arbogast.
- Dr. Reddin, what are you doin' here?
- Where?
I don't know... What?
Where am I?
Oh, the lab. Good. Excellent.
My lab. My lab.
So... what brings you here?
It's like...
when a ball player gets traded...
and he goes out
into the ballpark.
He comes back and...
You know, just...
alone with his thoughts.
Just to memorize the turf...
the infield...
the angles of the light.
-You got a piece of cheese.
- It's from my sandwich.
So what are you doing in this lab?
- Oh, I'm... Here, right over there.
- Oh, thanks.
Actually, I'm...
I see you kept Minnie and Moe.
- Oh, yes, Minnie and Moe.
- Kept them.
I could hardly turn out
an expectant mother, could I?
- No. Well, Alex will be very happy.
- Good.
'Cause I get the feeling that Dr. Hesse
blames me for the loss of his facility.
He did take it kind of hard.
I'd hate to see his work go unfinished
because of budget constraints.
Would you tell him that
I'd be more than happy to help out...
with lab time and materials,
even some space...
if... I don't know what you think...
he might be amenable to sharing.
That would be
extremely generous...
and more helpful
than you can imagine.
So... is there a Mr. Dr. Reddin?
Maybe we could
have dinner sometime.
- No.
- No.
- Your back?
- Yeah, back.
- So...
- You're off.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Thanks for coming.
- Okay.
Way to go.
This is it.
Terrific motility.
- Excellent count.
- Let me see.
Strong swimmers. Big load.
Way to go.
2:45 a. m. Subject takes
15 cc's Expectane...
supplemented with
100 milligrams of progesterone...
two milligrams of estrogen.
- So how's the Expectane taste?
- Bitter.
Well, we'll add some flavoring
when we market it.
Good idea.
All right. Let's find the spot.
All right, let's see.
Peritoneal cavity.
Let's see here.
That looks like a good,
clear window right there.
There's plenty of room to hold
the embryo through the first trimester.
- A little lower.
- Yeah.
- Right over here.
- That's it.
All right.
Let's put a bun in your oven.
Where did you get
the egg, by the way?
The egg?
Colleague of mine.
An anonymous harvest.
Had a couple of spares.
Just relax.
Here we go. Yeah.
Larry? Larry!
What, what, what? Hi.
- Where am I?
- This is my house.
You're staying with me
during the protocol, remember?
Let's see how you are.
I forgot.
Here. Put that
under your tongue.
This your bedroom?
No, it's my ex-wife's bedroom.
Cheery, huh?
She decorated it herself.
She had taste. Give her that.
You had separate bedrooms?
No. We didn't always
have separate bedrooms.
Good. There are many stops
along the road to divorce.
Джуниор Джуниор

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