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That's not necessary...
Get off me.
Thank you so very much.
Leave me alone.
- Dr. Reddin? Are you all right?
- Yes.
I'm fine. Thank you.
- No harm done.
- No.
Are they...
Okay, let me just check these.
Thank God.
They're all right.
They're all right.
Frozen eggs, huh?
Yes. I call it
the dairy section.
If it weren't for
the lightning reflexes of...
Where is he? He's gone.
- Hesse!
- Dr. Hesse has left the building.
Wait. It's his...
It's his laboratory, isn't it?
- Was.
- You like it?
Yes. But I don't want
to displace anybody.
Oh, you won't be,
I promise.
Take the chimps back to the primate lab.
We won't be needing them anymore.
Where ya goin'?
I'm going back to Europe
to start over.
You're running out on me? I don't
believe this. What are you doin'?
We're partners.
You can't just up and leave.
We're not partners anymore. I have
no lab, no funding, no future here.
Wait a minute. What about all the people
you'd be leaving behind?
What about your girlfriend?
What's her name again?
- I don't have a girlfriend.
- You're better off.
How about your colleagues?
I happen to know for a fact...
that your skill and dedication
is an inspiration to everybody.
They'd be lost without you.
They will find someone else
to mimic over coffee in the lounge.
That's not true.
They don't do that.
- Come on.
- I'm not well liked.
- I like ya.
- No, you don't.
I talked to my guy at Lyndon
Pharmaceutical, that Canadian firm.
- Larry. Good-bye.
- They'll give us additional funding...
provided we find a volunteer
for an Expectane protocol.
Can't do the protocol
without F.D.A. approval.
We can if we don't
tell the F.D.A.
Are we going to let a bunch
of Washington bureaucrats...
stand in the way of progress?
What woman will take an unapproved
drug while she's pregnant?
Who says we need a woman?
What are you talking about?
The experiment wouldn't have
to identify the subject's sex.
Just the human tissue reactives.
Remember Moe?
The monkey?
He went five months to term.
- You mean to do the test on a man?
- Why not?
Are you allergic to anything?
To me? You're nuts.
Boarding pass.
- Boarding pass?
- I don't have a boarding pass.
Only ticketed passengers
with boarding passes beyond this point.
Hear me out!
Sir, I need your ticket.
- Gate 68B to Paris.
- Quick. Thank you very much.
Pardon me. Excuse me.
Sorry. Excuse me. Pardon me.
Oh, my God.
You wouldn't be pregnant pregnant.
Sort of a guest host situation.
We fertilize the egg.
We implant it in
the peritoneal cavity.
Dose it with Expectane.
Tiny thing, grain of rice.
You carry it the first trimester.
We get our data. Boom, it's over.
Four "A."
To your left.
51 "F."
All the way back.
I'm gonna just go...
I guess I was wrong
about you, Hesse.
I took you for a scientist.
- I am a scientist.
- Yeah?
Where's your vision?
Jenner infected himself
with smallpox to test his vaccine.
- That's Jenner.
- So why not you?
Is it possible?
Who knows?
Natural? So what?
Good science? You bet.
Come and claim your place
in the pantheon.
You're just trying
to manipulate me.
Yes, I am. So what?
Excuse me, sir. I'm gonna have
to ask you to take your seat.
Yeah, all right.
Just a second.
Look, cards on the table.
I don't like you
any more than you like me.
You got all the warmth
and charm of a walleyed pike.
If we weren't partners...
But the point is,
we are partners.
We're on the verge
of something fantastic.
Something important.
I need you to carry it through
with me.
- This could really work.
- Yes, it could.
- Are you sure you can find an egg?
- No problem.
Okay, who's the lucky one?
Okay, Junior, let's go for a ride.
God. Dr. Arbogast.
- Dr. Reddin, what are you doin' here?
- Where?
I don't know... What?
Where am I?
Oh, the lab. Good. Excellent.
My lab. My lab.
So... what brings you here?
It's like...
when a ball player gets traded...
and he

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