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Banes will
meet you downtown. Good luck.
In testing the drug on chimpanzees
with a history of miscarriages...
I found conclusively that in every
instance the side effects observed...
were consistent with the behavioral
and metabolic changes in subjects...
with normal
unmedicated pregnancies:
nausea, mood swings, appetite
fluctuation, irritability, morning...
Typical lambchop's-got-a-bun-in-the-oven
type behavior.
This drug works.
Madam Chairperson,
ladies and gentlemen...
we respectfully request
the Board's approval...
to carry on into
an invasive human protocol.
Thank you.
You got to let us try this
on real women.
Women in need. Our sisters.
- Our daughters...
- Dr. Arbogast.
If you could see the couples
that come into my office.
- Their pain and frustration is genuine.
- Dr. Arbogast.
This is an F.D.A. hearing,
not a telethon.
We have all
the information we need.
Thank you.
As director of Leland University's
Biotechnology Research Program...
I thank you on behalf of my esteemed
colleagues for your consideration.
Let's go, gentlemen.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
That went pretty good, huh?
I'm sure
you'll be very comfortable here.
We have all the latest videocassettes,
the current magazines.
Uh, give it to Louise
when you're finished.
I'm sure you'll be
very comfortable.
Just relax and enjoy it.
That's the ticket.
Dr. Arbogast?
Your wife... I'm sorry,
your ex-wife's in your office.
- She says she needs to talk to you.
- What?
- Yeah. In there.
- In...
You're doing great.
See you in a month. How ya doin'?
- Oh, hi.
- Angela, what are you doin' here?
Larry, I've got something
really important to talk to you about.
- You might wanna sit down.
- I'm busy, Angela.
I'm pregnant, Larry.
Really? Well, that's...
That's wonderful.
How long?
Oh, seven weeks,
give or take.
The Kelman wedding.
The night of the Kelman wedding.
- Yeah, that's the only time we did it...
- No.
He was in and out
of my life very quickly.
Not quickly enough, apparently.
- He who?
- It's not important.
You sure it's not mine?
Larry, come on.
After all the years we tried...
I don't think it's going
to happen one night by accident.
Thought maybe one of mine could have
bribed his way in or something.
So, what do you want
from me, Angela?
I want you to be my doctor.
Thank you very much,
Angela, but I...
Even if I wanted to,
I couldn't. We're related.
- Not since the divorce.
- Dr. Arbogast.
- Dr. Arbogast.
- In a minute!
No. That's final.
I'll ask Ned
if he's got any room.
If there's anybody
better than me, it's Ned.
I'm sorry. Noah Banes is on one.
He says it's important.
Ned Sneller? Forget it.
He looks at me, Larry.
Banes. I'm on my way.
Banes. I'm on my way.
All right, gentlemen.
What seems to be the trouble?
They've jammed the lock.
Dr. Hesse?
Dr. Hesse?
This is totally unacceptable behavior.
- Open this door, now.
- I will miss you most of all.
Pop the hinges.
Banes. What's going on?
Dr. Arbogast, good news
and bad news, I'm afraid.
F.D.A. decision,
wicked bad news.
- They turned us down?
- I'm afraid so.
And the review board
has terminated your project.
I'm sorry, but you know, lab space
is tight, and money's even tighter.
- They canceled the project.
- Please, Banes.
I got 300 grand in this drug.
You got to cut me some slack.
Would that I could, but it's out
of my hands. Blame the review board.
You're head of the board.
Yes, I am.
Rock and a hard place.
So what's the good news?
I really hate to dance on your grave.
But I landed Dr. Diana Reddin
and her ovum cryogenics project.
I need you to be
extremely careful with this.
- Lady, if I hear that one more time...
- They're very fragile.
I've just got to set
the level for the incliners.
- Hey, don't touch that!
- You shouldn't be up there!
Stop! No!
Help me! Help me!
Help me now!
- Oh! My babies!
- Out of the way!
Thank you.

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