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and birds cheeping. Cheep...
Let's imagine drugs.
-What can I do?
-Have the baby for me.
You feel that?
-Feel that?
The drugs are working.
We gave you an epidural.
You'll be awake through this.
It's safer that way.
Just try and stay calm.
-Here we go.
-Just relax. Think about the baby. Okay?
That's good. I'm not leaving you.
-Hold on. I'll check.
-Oh, God!
This is hard.
-Where are you?
-I'm here.
Do you think he's all right?
-It's all tangled up in the intestines.
-Transverse colon's got it.
There's a lot of fluid. It's clear.
Suck it down there.
-Now push here. Push.
That's your baby.
It's a girl! Seven pounds, six ounces.
She's got her mother's looks.
-Father and daughter are doing fine.
-I have a girl?
-Another delivery.
Go in there! Talk to me.
-He's coming, honey.
-So soon?
-Louise, wheelchair!
-Why didn't you tell somebody?
-I wanted you.
Well, you got me.
-It hurts.
-It won't be long now.
Do you want Louise to call the father?
What's the point? He's long gone.
-Does he know it?
He sent me a dozen roses and
an autographed picture with the band!
Breathe, honey. Just breathe.
-Prepare number two.
-You want an epidural?
-You want natural childbirth?
-I want drugs!
We've got a little baby girl. Look at her.
You did it.
Isn't she gorgeous?
-Daddy loves you.
-I can't believe you did it.
Hello, little one.
She's beautiful!
I'm so proud of you.
I'm your mum.
Just a little bit more.
It's a boy!
-Is he okay?
-Yeah, ten fingers. Ten toes.
That's your mommy.
Hello, beauty.
I'm your mama.
Yes, it's your mama. And I'm your...
Could we give it another chance?
I'm your dad.
You're my boy.
What should we call her?
"Happy birthday to you
"Happy birthday to you
"Happy birthday, dear Jake and Junior
"Happy birthday to you"
He's a big boy.
You're supposed to eat with your hands,
not with your feet.
-That's a baby.
-There you go.
-Those kids need something to drink.
-Don't lift anything.
-I'm not lifting. I'm dragging it.
-Let me get it.
-Let me do it.
-How are you feeling?
-Though I might need to pee again.
-I don't miss that part.
Me, neither.
You have to have another, Angela.
Jake needs a little brother or sister.
Sure, I'd like to, but I don't know
if I can go through that again.
It doesn't necessarily have to be you.
It is the most wonderful experience.
Subtitles by SOFTITLERHello, there's...
There's a baby here.
There must be a mother. Hello!
There's a baby!
Hello? Is anybody here?
Miscarriage-prone female reproductive
system is merely an extension...
of the body's natural and necessary
instincts to reject foreign matter.
Just two drops. The body mistakenly
identifies the embryo...
as an unwanted foreign substance...
and creates antibodies
to fight and reject it.
From this equation comes
the idea for the drug, Expectane...
which acts to neutralize
the interfering antibodies...
and promote successful
embryo attachment.
Minnie here had
a history of miscarriages.
As a result of our treatments...
she's now in her
seventh month of pregnancy.
She takes 10 cc's of Expectane
three times a day.
- Hey, Keith.
- Good morning.
- Ned.
- Larry. Hey, big day.
- Are you nervous?
- F.D.A.? Piece of cake.
- Sign those plan documents, will ya?
- All right.
Hello, Louise.
Hello, everybody.
Mrs. Parrish is in one
for a second trimester sonogram.
You have an initial consultation
with the Lanzarottas...
and Mrs. Logan's here
for a final.
Okay. Bagel, please.
Thank you.
- Hello.
- Oh, Doctor.
- I'm ready to explode.
- Oh, not here, you're not.
- Perfect. Just one more month.
- Yes.
- Get new blood and urine samples.
- Blood and urine samples.
Dr. Hesse, good luck
with the F.D.A.
Luck is for the ill-prepared.
- Car's waiting out front.
- Thank you.
I had them check
the traffic reports.
And the big dweeb?
He and Mr.
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