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and my Larry has to travel on business.
I dread the thought
of leaving her helpless and alone.
That's why we're here.
you've come to the right place.
And... may I say
something else?
- What?
- You are beautiful.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- Yes, you are.
And you'll love your room.
It's got a great big tub.
Oh. Big tub.
That'll come in handy.
Anyway, so tomorrow...
I catch the first flight out to
Vancouver to meet with the Lyndon guys.
Shouldn't take more than three, four
days, tops. You okay, honey? Come on.
Okay, right this way.
You have your temperature
control and your call button.
It's a very nice room, huh?
And extra blankets in the drawer.
- Here's your key.
- I want you to take good care of her.
- Oh, of course we will.
- Yeah.
- No.
- All right. Bye.
It's nice.
Larry. You really think
the baby's gonna be born?
I wanna say, "Of course,"
but there's no precedent for this.
- Gods knows what's goin' on in there.
- But everything's gonna be all right?
- Gods knows what's goin' on in there.
- But everything's gonna be all right?
It better be.
It's my baby too, you know.
Take it easy.
Thanks for everything, Larry.
Diana? It's Alex.
In case you're there, please pick up.
I really need
to talk to you. Please.
Push, push, push, okay.
A little more
gentle with babies.
I love you.
Oh, that's marvelous!
I guess so.
And remember, no names.
This isn't a test.
Thanks. Well, this
should be very interesting.
Let's see.
She writes...
"My biggest fear is that
I'm not exactly...
what you would call
a natural born mother.
How will I ever cope?"
You know...
I think we have to dispense
with the myth...
that some are born
with the maternal instinct...
and others are not.
The little girl tending
her doll collection is...
no more a natural born mother
than the tomboy down the street.
There is no standard.
There are no naturals.
Hello, Diana.
Very fetching.
You might want
to rethink the earrings.
I'm glad you came. I started
to wonder if I'd ever see you again.
- Well, I needed some time to think.
- And?
It's so unfair what you've done.
This is t... Monumentally unfair.
Will you forgive me?
I wouldn't be asking anything
of me at the moment.
I totally understand if you
never want to see me again.
- I take responsibility for the baby.
- Wait!
Can we just get one thing
straight here? This is my baby too.
- Don't you ever forget that!
- I won't.
- I'm the mother. You're the father.
- Yes. Yes.
- Is that clear?
- Yes.
We'll have to find an intelligent way
of sharing the responsibilities.
-Yes. Yes.
-Of creating security and a home life...
- Yes.
- and a normal upbringing!
- Yes.
- I mean, all this is very complicated.
I know it is.
And I thought that I would be...
That I would be...
You are.
I want us to do this together.
Do you have a private room?
Yes. Why?
Call me old-fashioned,
but I'll be damned...
if I'm having a child
with a man I never slept with.
So, where...
where is it?
You coming?
I'd better get out of here
before anyone sees me.
If everything is satisfactory,
please sign all copies where tagged.
If everything is satisfactory,
please sign all copies where tagged.
Once we have European approval,
the F.D.A. will agree to testing.
- Leave it to us.
- Potential for your drug is remarkable.
- We'll be rich.
- Loaded.
That's got a nice ring to it. Loaded.
What's the matter?
Would you put this call
through to California?
Sure, Dr. Arbogast.
Over there.
Oh, yeah.
I should call the doctor
just to be sure.
I just need to lie down.
Oh, damn it.
Come on.
Lyndon's coming in as partners.
This is gonna push us through the F.D.A.
Alex, are you okay?
Yeah, Ned. Set up an emergency
C-section for tonight.
I want everybody out
of the building except you and Louise.
You wanna do an operation
with just the two of us?
Just us.
We're the whole team.
You can't do an


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