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Долговая яма

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-Okay, guys, let's do it!
[Anna] In our settlement you listed
the value of that painting at $ 100,000.
I'll sell it
to you for 75.
[Max] That painting
doesn't interest me.
Yes, it does.
You love that painting.
That's the only reason
I took it.
All you want
to talk about is money.
Let's talk about love and sex.
Forget love, let's just talk about sex.
Max, I'm desperate.
I need money.
I need new plumbing.
I need new appliances.
-A new staircase, Max.
-Stop, please. Too boring.
-Plastering, landscaping,
painting, a roof.
-Too middle class. Stop.
New floors, new tiles,
new fixtures in the bathroom.
Okay, okay, I'll buy it.
I'll give you the money.
Only, please, God,
Thank you, Max.
Sometimes you can be very sweet.
I know.
-How do I look in this?
-Oh, beautiful.
You look beautiful
in everything. Mm-hmm.
[Engine Sputters,
What happened?
It was no picnic, but those boys
are work animals.
-Well, everything looks
pretty well under control.
-It does?
Well, not to the layman's eyes,
of course.
They completely ripped up
our house!
They sure as hell did!
They ripped the guts out of it!
They're work animals,
I'm telling you!
Look at
those holes!
Then you got
your gravel piles...
your sand piles,
your scrap piles.
Well, I like a good conversation
as well as anybody, but I gotta run.
Hasta pronto,
if you know what I mean.
-Y-You're leaving?
-Well, I ain't movin' in. [Laughing]
But we'll be back
when you get your permits.
Permits? The permit man
was supposed to be here by 4:00.
Oh, he was, but you or your wife
weren't here to meet him.
We weren't?
Anna's not here?
No, no.
I would've noticed.
The permit man
was pretty agitated.
Really steamed his clams.
Said he'd be back
when you grow udders and get milked.
-That's a long time.
Yeah. Yeah.
Well, if he ever does come back,
you call me and we'll finish the job.
When I do get the permits,
how long will the job take?
Two weeks.
Two weeks?
Two weeks?
You sound like a parakeet.
"Two weeks? Two weeks?" [Laughs]
Well, uh, two weeks.
It's... It's amazing.
-Amazing, nothing.
-[Engine Starts]
It'll be a regular miracle.
[Continues Laughing]
[Phone Ringing]
-[Ringing Continues]
[Ringing Continues]
Oh, hi there.
My voice has no tone.
Because I'm standing
in a pile of rubble...
and we don't
have the permits to un-rubble it.
"Exaggerating"? Honey, we're living
in Swiss cheese with a door.
"Mozart"? Mozart is dead.
His troubles are over.
Help me!
All right. I'm sorry.
You're right. If you had to work,
you had to work.
Oh, l-l-I love you too.
Where is the guy's number?
The permit man.
In the den, you think.
I will pick you up
at the station.
Just give me a call
when you get there. [Kissing Sounds]
Is Mr Shrapp in?
Mr Shrapp.
Walter Fielding.
Hey, watch what you say
about my mother, now.
Mr Shrapp,
let's be adults about this.
I'm... Look, I'm very sorry
I wasn't here this afternoon.
My wife was poisoned
and taken to the hospital.
[Taps Foot]
Well, what would
cut any ice with you?
A bribe? Sure.
Can you be here in a half an hour?
All right.
Cash? No problem.
[Dial Tone]
Cash, cash, ca...
[Continues Grunting]
# Come on, everybody #
# I said
let's play a game #
# I bet ya
I can make a rhyme #
# Out of anybody's name #
# Anna-Anna, bo-banna #
# Banana-fanna, fo-fanna #
# Fee-fi, mo-manna #
# Anna #
Let's try Brad!
# Brad, Brad, bo-rad
Banana-fanna #
-[Walter] Walter!
-# Walter, Walter, bo-balter
Banana-fanna, fo-falter #
# Fee-fi, mo-malter
Walter ##
-[Knocking Continues]
-Hello... [Grunts]
Hello! I'm here!
Are you in there,
Долговая яма Долговая яма

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