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Долговая яма

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I never want
to see you again!
The plasterer came?
# Para bailar la bamba #
# Para bailar la bamba
se necesita #
# Una poca de gracia #
# Una poca de gracia
par mi para ti #
Hey, Walter.
What happened?
Your old lady kick you out?
I do not wish to discuss
my domestic difficulties with you, Julio.
That's okay. I figure she
threw his ass out.
-No, she did not throw my ass out!
-No, you had your chance, man.
This is between
me and Duke.
I'm not payin' you guys to stand around.
You wanna get to work?
We can't do nothin'
till the plumbin' inspector gets here.
There's no plumbing
in that wall.
-We can take off and you can
call us when he gets here.
Just stay where you are.
I fell for that one before.
Ooh! Ohh!
You're up
bright and early.
I didn't sleep very well.
You look great.
Got a date?
with the Marine Corps Band.
I'm starting with the brass, and I'm
working my way to the drum section.
-Don't you think we should talk?
-This is not the time.
-I'm mad, and I'm getting madder.
-Oh! What do you think I am?
-I think you're a jerk.
-I know that.
-I didn't realize how big a jerk
I was until last night.
-Neither did I.
Let's just pack it in, then. Let's just
finish this thing right here and now!
-I'll pack a bag for you
and send the rest later.
-You expect me to move out?
-You shouldn't have
any trouble finding a bed.
-I got a bed, lady.
-Get the hell outta here!
This is private!
What makes you think you can
just throw me out of my own house?
You're the one
who's moving.
I have worked and slaved... suffered
and put myself in hock up to my eyes...
and you want me to move out
because you've got the hots for Max?
No way!
You hear me?
I have worked and slaved and suffered for
this house every bit as much as you have!
Actually more, because
I had to put up with you!
This is ridiculous!
You don't even like this house!
I love this house!
You've done nothing but complain
about it since we got here!
I did one other thing... I sunk every
nickel I had in the world in this house!
-And you'll get it all back!
-Me and everyone you've ever met!
"I'll pay you back"
will be written on your gravestone!
I wouldn't give lectures
on the value of promises!
-Your word didn't do too well
on this last outing!
-Yours is fine!
It's certainly a lot better
than your cheque!
I'll get you
your money back!
I don't want the money!
This is my house, and I'm not moving!
It's a big house!
We'll divide it up!
You stay in your half,
I'll stay in mine!
That is such a dumb idea.
Sometimes it amazes me
you ever passed the bar.
I'm sure it does.
You've never passed a bar in your life.
You are so much less attractive
when I'm sober.
-Thank goodness it's not that often.
-All right, that's it!
I've had it with you, the house,
Max, the orchestra and everything!
How long will it take
to put this place together?
Two weeks.
Two weeks! Two weeks.
Okay, we'll stick it out
until the house is finished.
Then we'll sell it, get our money back
and get the hell away from each other.
Get back to work!
Bam! Zoom!
What are you doing here?
-You missed a rehearsal.
-That's right.
-Did you tell Walter
what happened between us?
And what
did he say?
Walter and I are through.
-I hate us both.
-You'll get over it.
-You'll come back to me.
I'm just going away
You can't go anywhere.
We have performances.
You don't understand. I have to
get away from here, from both of you.
You are leaving
the symphony?
What have I done?
Oh, it wasn't your fault.
It was my fault.
I was weak.
No, you weren't.
I made it up.
You made what up, Max?
You slept in the bedroom.
I slept in the living room.
Sex would have been
a miracle.
Oh, Max!
I wanted you back, and I truly thought
I could make you happy this time.
Oh, Max.
Tell Walter
Долговая яма Долговая яма

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