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Долговая яма

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-Bring you some water?
-Yeah. Do... No...
-Ohh! Ohh!
-How's that?
It's a miracle.
-I wanna ask you something.
You're a lawyer, right?
Last year my father
was hit in the head by a golf ball.
Oh, can I unplug...
Now, he seemed okay...
but last week
we were watching TV...
and I put on the Bob Hope
Desert Classic from Palm Springs.
He goes friggin' nuts!
My father, not Bob Hope.
So he kicks in
the friggin' TV screen. Now...
I'd have to study it, but I'd say you got
a great case against Bob Hope.
Thanks, man.
That was not so bad.
- Are you happy with that one?
-I am not unhappy with it.
It's the best that miserable symphony
has ever sounded.
You have my congratulations,
and you may go home.
But don't you want to hear it back?
No, if there's something wrong
with it it's your fault...
and you will hang for it.
Do you have
a cigarette?
I'm sorry.
It was beautiful,
Better than Szell's version?
Mmm, I wondered why you did this.
I know you never liked it.
-It was better.
-Thank you.
It's a pity
that son of a bitch isn't alive...
because it would kill him
to hear that.
Have you got
a cigarette?
You stopped smoking
five years ago.
I started again
two weeks ago.
Can I have
the damn cigarette?
You seem a little tense.
Your shoulders are up
over your ears.
-Are you all right?
-Don't I look all right?
In a word, no.
The only good part of our divorce
was that it seemed to make you happy.
For you to be without me
and unhappy...
is such a waste.
You are making me sad.
in Philadelphia...
and the idea of going back
to that house, alone...
Oh, God.
Why don't we have dinner
and a huge amount of alcohol?
I'm not dressed
for a restaurant.
My place.
Our old place.
You can have a hot bath.
We'll have a fire. Hwang will make
anything you want for dinner.
Duck I'orange.
Twelve-year-old scotch.
In clean glasses.
That can be arranged.
I'm not going to bed
with you.
I may not ask you.
Oh, my God.
Good morning.
-Oh, my God.
-What's wrong?
What happened?
What did we do?
-What have we done? Oh, my God!
-Calm down.
-You were a little looped.
You sang a few songs.
-The Beatles?
-The entire catalogue.
-What else?
-You don't remember?
-It was duck for dinner. Right?
-Followed by crepe Suzettes.
-I don't remember the crepe Suzettes.
-You don't remember the piano?
-Under the piano?
-I don't wanna hear any more.
-It was incredible. Better than Zurich.
-The police came.
You don't remember any of this?
-Oh, no.
My shoe!
-Not my shoe!
-Last night you were
the animal I remember.
-I don't need shoes!
-Come back to me, and the police
will come every night.
-I love you.
-This is a nightmare.
Last night you said
you loved me...
that we would be together
the rest of our lives.
I wasn't drunk,
I was insane!
-When are you going to tell Walter?
-You're just going to walk out
on him without saying anything?
-I am not walking out on him.
I am in love with him.
Not you, him.
-No, this whole wonderful realization
has confused you.
Talk this over with Walter,
and you'll see.
I'm going to have to do
a lot of lying.
-No. Tell him the truth.
-I'll lose him.
Hey, take a chance.
# Bump-bump-ba-bump-bump #
# Bump-bump-ba-bump-bump #
# Bump-bump-bump #
# Bump-bump-bump #
# Bump-bump-ba-bump-bump #
# Bump-bump-ba-bump-bump #
# Bump-bump-bump #
# Bump-bump-bump #
# Bump-bump-ba-bump-bump #
# Bump-bump-ba-bump-bump #
You'd better let me off here.
-I don't think you can
make it up the driveway.
-They testin' missiles here?
That's right, buddy, we are,
and it's very hush-hush. Top secret.
So forget you were up here
and forget you saw any of this.
-And forget about a tip.
# I am a pizza #
-# Ready
Долговая яма Долговая яма

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