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Долговая яма

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got to be to heaven
and so divine #
-# That all we'll ever
have to do is lie around #
# And watch the stars above us
fall down #
# We're callin'this mess
our own #
-# And tellin'all the others
it's home, sweet home #
# If we were really closing in
on yesterday's mess #
# We're both sittin'
on a dream ##
How's it going?
Fine. What's that
on your face?
The ceiling.
Seems to be coming down
in the bedroom.
Oh. Well, I'll get to that later.
I only got two hands.
What the hell
was that?
All I did was
turn on the water.
That's all?
That doesn't sound good.
You should see the...
I guess it's the water.
-I don't know. It's revolting.
So the plumbing's
not perfect.
We'll get it fixed.
It's not the end of the world.
-You didn't see that water!
-Look, this is an old house.
It's gonna need some work.
You've gotta expect that.
I didn't expect
that water. It had legs.
A little work,
a little care...
a little imagination,
and it's gonna be great!
It's gonna be fun
fixing it up. You'll see.
I don't know. I've never been
any good at that kind of thing.
-What kind of thing?
You can't go into it with that kind of
attitude. You've gotta be more positive.
-I'll try.
A little care,
a little imagination...
and a positive attitude.
What was that?
Nothing, dear.
Son of a bitch.
-Oh, Walter!
-The stairs are out!
you're on my fingers.
I'd help you with that, but somebody
stepped on all my fingers.
I said I was sorry.
I didn't expect your fingers
to be on the floor.
I know.
I'm just cranky.
I guess it's having just thrown
$200,000 into the toilet.
Either that
or the intense pain.
It's only the first day.
You're not gonna give up on it already.
-Oh, yes. Yes, I am.
-Oh, no.
No, you're not.
I'm not gonna let you.
There's a chance we could fob it off
on the Cheap Girls.
We're not
going to sell it.
The land, at least,
has got to be worth something.
The house
is going to be great!
Yeah, if we can peel
the rind off it.
-It's a lemon, honey, let's face it.
You can't just quit.
I'm a quitter,
and I'm not ready to quit yet.
Why not?
Oh. That.
You're right.
The house is gonna be great.
I promise.
Lady, this is impossible.
- Oh, nonsense.
You're doing fine.
-I feel like I'm gonna die.
You're not going to die.
I'm holding the ladder.
If you fall,
land on the mattress.
Hello. Yes. Yes. We're having some
problems with our plumbing, and I was...
- I can't move.
-Fielding. Walter Fielding.
- Stop being a baby.
You're nearly there.
There's no reason why
you should've heard of me.
I don't have
any references. I just...
-Somebody here call a carpenter?
-Oh, yes. We did.
Yale. Yeah.
-Don't let go of the ladder!
-I wasn't really holding it, anyway.
How much
do I make a year?
Uh, how much
do you make a year?
-No. No, that's not a Jewish name.
-You're kidding, right?
Get out of my life,
would you?
- Don't touch me, pig!
- Oh, you're cute
when you're mad.
-I'm serious. Get away from me.
-Stop it!
-Hey, let go of her! That's my wife!
Oh, yeah?
Well, I'm sorry.
She didn't say nothin'
about being married.
I just thought she was
good-lookin' wool.
This animal attacked me!
I didn't say anything about anything.
Look, I don't wanna
cause trouble.
If I came on a little strong,
I'm sorry, okay?
-No, it's not okay.
-Just get out of here.
Well, okay.
If that's what you want.
I think we should call
the police.
Hey, let's not
get nuts here.
Who are you anyway?
Art Shirk. I'm the carpenter.
I think we spoke on the phone.
-You're the carpenter?
-Yeah. Well, I guess I'll be going.
Oh, wait a minute! Just wait a minute.
Maybe we can clear
Долговая яма Долговая яма

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