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Долговая яма

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-What do you mean "no"? Why not?
-I love Walter.
-"Walter"? What Walter?
-Oh, Max, you know exactly what Walter.
-Don't be ridiculous.
He's not even a musician.
-Many people aren't.
Anna, please,
I have finally discovered...
there is only one person
in the world who matters to me.
And that's you.
I've known that for a long time.
No. You love me,
and I love you.
You love you.
I love Walter.
-Will you stop saying that?
-Max, it's over for us. Over.
All right.
Then just go to bed with me.
A few of the Maestro's things.
He moves back in today, you know.
Yeah, I know. Party's over for you guys.
You'll have to go home.
Some girl called.
Said she'd taken a lot of pills...
and was gonna kill herself
if you didn't call her.
No, no. I get those calls
two or three times a week.
She really sounds bad.
I think she sounds awful,
but she sold six million records last year.
-Hey, how are ya?
I gotta get some food
right now!
Okay, we promised never to come to your
place again, but this is a major crisis.
It's not my place
any more.
When your father took all our money,
you were so nice to us.
-You washed my hair.
I didn't forget that.
We trust you.
We need your advice.
I am sure I did not
wash your hair.
Look, I gotta get up early
tomorrow and go see Benny.
-You see Benny?
- He sees Benny?
-What's your problem?
-We want to change the name of the band.
You can't do that!
You've spent years and a fortune...
to make your name
a household word.
Your name is perfect.
"Cheap Girls." I love it.
-I'm not sure it's us.
-It is.
We wanna call ourselves "Meryl Streep."
No, no. You cannot call yourselves
"Meryl Streep."
-Maybe she'll be flattered.
-No, in fact, considering your act...
I think I can guarantee
a giant lawsuit.
Don't take off your coat.
Forget it.
You are not calling yourselves
"Meryl Streep."
-Come on, we're gonna go see a house.
-A house? Where?
An hour away
from everyone.
How about "Debbie Reynolds'"?
Thanks very much.
Keep the change.
-This can't be it.
-It's the address.
It's beautiful.
I know.
Somethin' must be wrong.
Well, let's go see.
-Hi! Come on in.
- Thank you.
Excuse the way
the place looks.
I really let it go to hell
since Carlos left.
But the house
is beautiful.
Carlos and I
were very happy here.
It's all over now.
The living room's in here.
-This is great.
Listen, if you want
any of the furniture, it's all for sale.
Well, I think that we'd like
to decorate it ourselves.
I'd sell it cheap.
I need all the money I can get.
Goddam bloodsucking lawyers
are bleeding me dry.
The floor just needs a little polish.
The bedroom's up here.
I'm trying to save a few bucks on the
lights... for the bloodsucking lawyers.
I think it's lovely.
There's a tricky step.
I keep meaning to fix it.
What a beautiful bed.
-Could I use your bathroom?
-Would you use the one downstairs?
All my personal things
are still in this one.
Oh. Sure.
Happiest moments of my life
since we left Paraguay...
have been spent
right here in this room.
You lived in Paraguay?
Ten wonderful years.
Carlos is from Asuncion.
Or at least he...
I'm awfully sorry.
About what?
I don't know actually.
Do you wanna
buy the bed?
l-I think so.
You know, you think
you know somebody...
after 25 years...
and then one day...
Israeli Intelligence
comes to the door.
Israeli Intelligence?
Last Tuesday.
That's why I've gotta sell the house.
It turns out,
Carlos was Hitler's pool man.
There's a lot of grounds,
but the maintenance isn't too bad.
-I've always done it myself,
but you could hire a gardener.
-"A gardener"? No, no.
I could handle this.
This'd be a piece of cake.
Fabulous car!
-What's it called again?
-It's a Lincoln.
-They don't make 'em like this any more.
-It's a
Долговая яма Долговая яма

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