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Долговая яма

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-Last night you were
the animal I remember.
-I don't need shoes!
-Come back to me, and the police
will come every night.
-I love you.
-This is a nightmare.
Last night you said
you loved me...
that we would be together
the rest of our lives.
I wasn't drunk,
I was insane!
-When are you going to tell Walter?
-You're just going to walk out
on him without saying anything?
-I am not walking out on him.
I am in love with him.
Not you, him.
-No, this whole wonderful realization
has confused you.
Talk this over with Walter,
and you'll see.
I'm going to have to do
a lot of lying.
-No. Tell him the truth.
-I'll lose him.
-Hey, take a chance.
-[Door Slams]
# Bump-bump-ba-bump-bump #
# Bump-bump-ba-bump-bump #
# Bump-bump-bump #
# Bump-bump-bump #
# Bump-bump-ba-bump-bump #
# Bump-bump-ba-bump-bump #
# Bump-bump-bump #
# Bump-bump-bump #
# Bump-bump-ba-bump-bump #
# Bump-bump-ba-bump-bump #
-## [Continues]
-You'd better let me off here.
-I don't think you can
make it up the driveway.
-They testin' missiles here?
That's right, buddy, we are,
and it's very hush-hush. Top secret.
So forget you were up here
and forget you saw any of this.
-And forget about a tip.
-[Man, Children On Tape]
# I am a pizza #
-# Ready to munch #
-Ah, home, crap home.
-# I am a pizza #
-# I am a pi... ##
I still can't get used to the idea of
having hot water whenever we want it.
-So, what'd you do last night?
-Oh, nothing much.
Where'd you eat?
Last night.
Where did you eat?
The Four Seasons.
Well, I'm glad it wasn't
anything special.
it was a little special.
We had just done probably
the finest performance...
of Haydn's
Surprise Symphony ever.
Uh, please tell me
you didn't pay.
I didn't.
Max took us.
-Well, that must have been
some performance.
-It was.
It's never been my favourite piece
of music, but we really did it well.
How was Max?
I mean, he was very pleased
with himself.
He asked after you.
-Oh, that's... that's very nice.
Did you sleep with him?
I hope you don't mind.
-Of course, we can't go back
to the Four Seasons again.
-[Walter Laughs]
Did you?
Did you?
Are you serious?
Well, I know you weren't here
last night...
because I called,
and, uh, guess what.
I don't know.
You tell me.
-[Plate Slams On Table]
-No answer.
[Sawing Violently
Into Bread]
Walter, do you want to tell me
what you're saying?
I'm not saying anything.
what I'm saying is...
that I would hope that if
there was something for you to tell me...
for example, that you'd spent last night
with Max... that you would tell me...
that it would be okay
for you to tell me.
You're just going
to have to trust me.
Oh, l-I trust you.
I do trust you. I just want you
to tell me the truth.
Well, I did.
Well, then,
that's the end of it.
You would tell me,
wouldn't you?
-I just want you to be honest with me.
I can take anything
except lies.
People slip up.
Christ, I understand that.
It happens all the time.
I mean, I'm not some meathead
chauvinist provincial.
-Is that all?
-No. No.
I'm jealous.
I'm very jealous of Max.
I'm not crazy about the idea
of you sleeping with him, but if
you did it and didn't tell me...
that would really
bother me.
Without changing my plea,
I would like to know why.
it underestimates me.
Not telling me assumes I'm incapable
of understanding why you did it.
Not that you did it.
Had you done it.
Did you?
You want me to tell you the truth,
no matter how much it hurts.
If we can't be honest with each other,
Долговая яма Долговая яма

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