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Долговая яма

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it in this mixture...
-[TV: Child Continues]
[Loud Crackling]
[TV: Child] I like to use
a no-stick pan and heat until water...
-[Tiles Breaking]
-[Electricity Crackling]
[Blender Whirring]
[TV: Child Continues]
... and on goes
some nice brandy.
Let it bubble up well,
and then dip it into your flames...
Little problem in the kitchen.
Nothing trivial.
the turkey's done.
So is the kitchen.
Actually, it's a little overdone
for my taste.
Let's not
go there again.
-You don't want to
tell me what happened?
-No, I don't.
-I just want to relax
in a nice lukewarm bath.
-What about this?
[Walter] I don't think
that can hurt us any more.
[Laughing Hysterically]
What are you doing?
-Save yourself.
I'm a menace
to anything I touch.
The Surgeon General's warning
should be tattooed across my forehead.
"Walter Fielding is dangerous
to your health. Don't touch him."
-Save yourself.
-I can't.
-I've tried, but I love Walter Fielding.
-I can't give him up.
I'm hopelessly addicted.
You must think of yourself!
I am sinking fast into the money pit...
and I don't want to
drag you down with me.
-Save yourself
while there's still time.
-Walter, brighten up.
-I hate seeing you like this.
-I hate being like this. I'm a disaster.
These are estimates from legitimate
contractors for repairs on the pit.
Those that will actually come out here
are so expensive, I can't talk about it.
Let's not talk about it.
I've just given
our last $5,000...
our last 5,000 borrowed dollars...
to the Shirks.
Walter, I don't mean
to be questioning you, but why...
They were willing to take it!
The legitimate people wanted
four times as much just to say "hello."
So it's the Shirks.
That's not so bad.
Well, that's if they show up.
Just because they showed up
to collect the money...
is no guarantee that
they'll show up to do the work.
And if they do,
I can't pay for it!
-I'm going to help you.
-Do you have a gun?
"Here lies Walter Fielding.
He bought a house, and it killed him."
If I could raise some more money,
would that help?
-Depends on how you're gonna
raise the money.
-I think I know how.
-I know you know how.
Just stop.
I've got some things I can sell.
I don't wanna talk about money
or the house any more tonight.
Neither do I. We could just skip town,
borrow some bus fare.
Or we could hitchhike,
hit the open road.
Everything's gonna be
just fine.
-You'll see. Trust me.
-Don't you trust me?
-It's not that. It's just that...
We'll think of somethin'.
Who cares?
[Engines Rumbling]
-What's happening?
-Well, stay here. I'll find out.
[Men Chattering,
Hi. You must be
Mr Fielding. [Laughing]
-Yeah. Yeah. Who...
-I'm from Shirk Brothers.
Your number came up in the drawing
this morning. We work today!
Oh, that's great.
That's... Where is Brad?
Oh, South of France,
I think.
Uh, don't...
Shouldn't he be here?
Brad is the executive plumber.
We do all the work.
We're just about
to get started.
You're free to watch if you want,
though I wouldn't recommend it.
-Are there any living things in there?
-Well, my girlfr...
-My wife. What the hell.
-Oh, I'd get her out.
Hold it, fellas. Just a second.
There's a woman inside there.
Hold it!
Come on!
Hey, come on! Wait a minute, fellas,
there's a lady inside there.
H-Here! Here she...
H-Here you go. Okay?
Are you all right?
-Yes, thank you.
-Is everything out?
-[Engine Starts]
-Okay. Have a nice day!
-Who are they?
-The plumbers.
-Are you sure?
No, and I don't care. I'm just thrilled
to see somebody actually working.
Mrs Fielding,
don't worry about a thing.
Shouting Continues]
-Okay, guys, let's do it!
[Anna] In our settlement you listed
the value of that
Долговая яма Долговая яма

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