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Долговая яма

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Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
You're not lookin' at
a charity case here.
If this is his apartment,
we'll get out. It's no problem.
Could you just give us
a few minutes alone?
Sure, I understand.
Have a nice day.
What are we gonna do?
This is New York City. It takes months
to find a place, even if you're rich.
And we're broke!
We're doomed, homeless, penniless.
-I'm sorry, Walter.
No, no, no. It's not your fault.
We both knew he was coming back.
It's just that we've
been so happy lately.
Jack can help us.
Isn't Jack in jail?
No. No, he got off
with a small fine.
-Jack's a perfectly legitimate
real estate agent.
Well, as long
as we're together.
-Nothing bad can happen.
-[Woman] Good morning, Realty Office.
-Oh, here's a beautiful place.
It's only an eight-hour commute
to New York City.
You don't get in more
than once a week, do you?
[Walter On Phone] I'll even go to SoHo.
I looked at a loft there a few years ago.
It was $350 a month.
It's probably gone up, but...
SoHo, 350 a month. Let's see,
Eisenhower was president, right?
-I'm worried, Jack. I'm very worried.
Listen, Walter,
I gotta take a call.
Meet me at
the jogging track at 1:00.
You won't recognize me.
I'm so thin!
Where have you been?
You're almost late.
Martha, in this country
we have an expression for almost late.
It's called "on time."
-You don't seem nervous.
-I'm not.
She's not nervous. I'm nervous.
You're hysterical.
How is Walter
taking it?
Taking what?
There's nothing to take.
Here he comes!
Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you, thank you.
It's a great pleasure
to be back with you again.
-I'm sure you feel the same.
-[Sparse Laughter]
When I left, you were
the finest orchestra in the world.
God knows what a season under
the heavy hand of my esteemed
colleague has wrought.
Let us assess the damage...
with the Haydn,
from the beginning.
## [Begins]
# Bring me higher
and higher #
# Give me lovin' #
# P-Please me tonight ##
-Watch it. Watch it.
-## [Continues]
Big guy! Big "W."
What's shakin'?
I've got some papers.
The band has to sign these.
-What is it?
-Well, it's the Roy Rogers
restaurants we bought into...
and I sold off
the Tucson property.
This is their share,
and this is mine.
Now, I figure that cancels out
half my father's debt...
but check your records,
make sure we agree.
-Walter, what are you
payin' them back for?
They're used to people
stealin' from 'em.
This is only gonna confuse 'em.
They've got too much money now as it is.
You're their manager.
Why are you telling me this?
Because I like you better
than I like them.
But they're your sister
and your brothers.
## [Ends]
The union forces me to allow you to go to
lunch in spite of the way you've played.
Those of you with consciences
will not be able to eat.
And those of you whose consciences
match your talents...
go stuff yourselves.
I hope you choke.
Jog with me, Wally.
I don't wanna break
my rhythm.
-How long have you
been doing this, Jack?
-Oh, six months. It's great.
Next month I'm gonna run in a 1 -K.
Would you believe it?
Before I started this,
I couldn't fit into these clothes.
I feel better. I look better.
I sweat better.
-So you called my office.
-Do you have some good news for me?
-Good news?
When you hear what I got for you,
just remember this is a conservative club.
Don't rip off my shoes
and kiss my feet.
-You don't have to worry about that.
You asked for an apartment?
Something nice, yet affordable?
Uh, Jack, could you sweat
the other way, please?
-Wally, will you listen to me?
-Not if you keep calling me Wally.
-[Beeping Resumes]
-What is that?
Oh, it's nothing.
It's a pulse alarm.
-Well, maybe we should stop.
-No, no, no.
These things are unreliable.
Долговая яма Долговая яма

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