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Долговая яма

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bloodsucking lawyers.
-I think it's lovely.
-[Stairs Creaking]
There's a tricky step.
I keep meaning to fix it.
What a beautiful bed.
-Could I use your bathroom?
-Would you use the one downstairs?
All my personal things
are still in this one.
Oh. Sure.
Happiest moments of my life
since we left Paraguay...
have been spent
right here in this room.
You lived in Paraguay?
Ten wonderful years.
Carlos is from Asuncion.
Or at least he...
I'm awfully sorry.
About what?
I don't know actually.
Do you wanna
buy the bed?
l-I think so.
You know, you think
you know somebody...
after 25 years...
and then one day...
Israeli Intelligence
comes to the door.
Israeli Intelligence?
Last Tuesday.
That's why I've gotta sell the house.
It turns out,
Carlos was Hitler's pool man.
-[Toilet Flushing]
There's a lot of grounds,
but the maintenance isn't too bad.
-I've always done it myself,
but you could hire a gardener.
-"A gardener"? No, no.
I could handle this.
This'd be a piece of cake.
[Car Horn Honking]
-[Brakes Screeching]
-[Anna] Fabulous car!
-What's it called again?
-It's a Lincoln.
-They don't make 'em like this any more.
-It's a beauty.
Do you like it? I'll throw it in
if you buy the house.
That's very generous.
I'm desperate.
Can we close?
Well, we need
a little time to...
There isn't any time.
Extradition is Friday.
-I'll tell you later.
-I need an answer
by close of business tomorrow.
-[Walter] Oh, you'll have it.
By the way, you have the most
beautifully kept pool I've ever seen.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
What did I say?
What did I say?
Jack was right.
We can't lose.
-Nothing can be this easy.
-Sure it can. You know what this is?
-This is the short line
in Motor Vehicles.
You go to Motor Vehicles
to get your licence renewed...
and you get on this line
that reaches to Spain.
And right next to it is this little
short line with only two guys on it.
But you don't get on that line, 'cause you
think something must be wrong with it...
otherwise everybody else would be
on it, so you waste three hours.
I got on the short line once.
It was for farm vehicles.
I want this house. I need this house.
We need this house.
-Could be great.
-Say "yes"!
If we do this,
we do it together.
I'm putting in half the money,
or I'm not going in.
-I thought you'd give me an argument.
If I had any money, I would.
Where are you gonna get your half?
I'll sell him everything I got in
the divorce. What about your half?
I'm goin' straight to the top on this
one... Billboard's Artist of the Year.
-He, who last year alone
sold 22 million records.
-Benny himself?
-[Train Horn Blaring]
-Did you hear that?
The train is coming, right when
we decided to buy the house!
-[Train Horn Blaring Continues]
-This has got to be an omen.
I can feel it! This is it!
Everything's breaking for us!
## [TVCartoon]
You say you have
an appointment?
I don't say I have
an appointment, I have an appointment!
-Hi, Mr Fielding.
-[Boy] What the hell does he want?
-[Man] I don't know.
[Boy] Didn't you ask him? What's
the matter, I gotta pay you to think?
[Man] Hejust told me he wants
to see you. Sorry, Benny.
Oh, well, that makes everything better.
Walter, how are ya?
Okay, you've seen me. Is that it,
or do you wanna talk too?
I wanna talk.
[TV] Now I'll show you how easy
I can catch a woodpecker.
All right.
You've got five minutes.
Are you gonna
let her do that?
Are you gonna let my mother
clean that carpet?
-Thanks, Benny.
-Don't mention it.
-I made a nice pot roast.
-Don't mention that either.
He never eats.
Look, Mom,
Долговая яма Долговая яма

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